Key Loggers Could Be Spying On You

Would it scare you, if there was a malicious software program (malware) that could capture your keystrokes that you used on your computer? What kind of information do you think people could find out about you, if they could read your keystrokes among other things? Well the bad news is, there is such a program, and it is out there right now. Of course, key loggers are not always bad, they can be used for good things too, but in the wrong hands they could cause bad trouble. There are ways that you can prevent key loggers from getting on your computer and recording your information.
If someone could read all your keystrokes, what do you think they would use that for? Do you think that they would use it to steal your information? Maybe they could find out your password to all your online sites, including your email, bank account, and other sites you do not want people to get on. Well this can be done if you get key loggers on your computer. Of course, getting it on your computer is a lot easier then getting the information off. You see, getting infected by key loggers works just like getting infected by any other malicious software program. This can happen by download something off a site that has the key loggers built in. The problem the hackers have to get past is getting your information, that the key loggers steal, off your computer. See, they could do this by getting it off your IP address that is on your computer, but then they run the risk of you being able to track where they are located. Even though it is hard to do, they can get the information off your computer without you ever knowing the key loggers are there. Key loggers are so easy to come by that private parties can use them to spy on just about everyone.

So what could possibly be good about key loggers. Everything sounds pretty bad, does it not? Well, that is not true. Key loggers help out many people in the world from law enforcement officials to big time companies. Law enforcement people use it to by pass encryption keys and password protected sites, that may belong to a hacker. The big time companies use it to keep tabs on their employees. If you have a company that has hundreds of employees, how are you going to make sure that all of them are staying as busy as can be. So the top dogs use key loggers to count the keystrokes of their employees to make sure they are being active during the time that they are paying them. As you can see, key loggers can be good as well.

There are a few different types of key loggers out there that you have to look out for. The first one is root kit key loggers. These are the ones that record keystrokes on your computer. Usually they do this by making the computer think that they are a second keyboard connected to the computer. This type can be hard to get rid of, but can be easily blocked out because it has to have help by being installed by your operating system. There are also Windows hook key loggers and Windows message key loggers. The Windows message key loggers are the worse. Whenever you use the keyboard, it sends a message to the operating system in the form of, you guessed it, a message. These key loggers read the message and then record it, without you ever knowing. Most likely you would get this type of key logger as a secret web browser plug in. So it would be a great idea to check and see what plug ins you have attached to your computer every now and again.

There are lots of different types of key loggers and lots of different ways you can get them. That does not mean you should not use the internet. If you keep your protection up to date, then it will be able to fight off any key loggers that try and get on your computer. Make sure your computer is up to date and you will be able to stop key loggers before they get on your computer. If they do get on, however, there are ways that you can remove them, so do not worry. The internet is a great place, do not be scared to use it.
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