Kansas City Travel City Of The United States

"Kansas City, Kansas City here I come". The song says. What a great place to visit. However, you need to understand that this is both Kansas City Kansas, and Kansas City Missouri. This city is on the state line, and depending on where you are, depends on which state you are located. The most important thing to remember is that Kansas City has everything for your entertainment and travel needs. They have everything from Jazz music to Theme Parks, to the Nelson-Atkins Museum, and lots of Barbeque.
Traveling to Kansas City Kansas will be an experience everyone you love. While you’re in Kansas, you might as well try Kansas City Missouri. Sometimes you don’t know when you are in Kansa or Missouri. When the west opened up for settlement Kansas City was the departure for many of these pioneers. Kansas City is the heart of the expansion of the west. To this day this heart of the west now has about everything you would need for a travel adventure.

Westport, an area in Kansas City, was named for the departure of the California, Oregon, and Santa Fe Trails. Today this is a thriving entertainment and shopping area, and the Kansas City’s historical society has maintained its legacy by allowing visitors to travel back in time to the days of covered wagons, mountain men, and Civil War battles. This truly is history coming alive, and you can also visit the Reverend McCoy’s family home which was a Baptist’s missionary for the American Indians.

Do you like jazz? Then Kansas City is the place for Jazz, just as much as New Orleans is a place for Jazz. Have you heard of William Count Basie, Charile Bird Parker or Orin Hot Lips Page? These all got their start right here in Kansas City. Kansas City was a unique voice of jazz, and many folks got their start in the clubs of Kansas City. Many of these clubs are still here today, and you can still listen and watch live Jazz.

One of the best parts of Kansas City, Kansas will be the area known as the River Market and the City Market. Hours and hours can be spent here by the entire family. It’s a lively outdoor area that retains the heart of the westward expansion. Here you will find home grown fruits and vegetables organically grown, and a host of artists that will display and sell their work. Galleries, boutiques, ethnic shops, unique restaurants all are here, and no chain stores available in the area. Just about anything can be found in these shops.

Tucked into this City Market area is the Arabia Steamboat Museum. The Arabia Steamboat sank into the Missouri River nearly 140 years ago. Many of the cargo of the boat were kept preserved by the mud and gunk of the river. The steamboat was excavated and the museum was opened in 1991, and offers the largest peek of any pre-Civil War treasure such as china, hardware, cookware, jewelry and food. Many of these items were on the way to the newly opened frontier. The museum is opened daily and admission is adults: $9.75, Seniors: $9.25 Children between ages 4-12: $4.75.

The Kansas City Zoo is another spectacular tourist spot. The zoo has boasting rights about its African Safari. The Zoo’s African exhibit offers 95 acres of realistic scenery, expansive exhibits and nearly 400 animals. The area represents the Congo, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The zoo in Kansas City, Kansas will provide a great source of entertainment and education.

Shopping, and eating in Kansas City has many popular spots. The Crown Plaza home of the Hallmark, and lots of shopping, and the Country Club Plaza are two of the best shopping and eating areas located in Kansas City. Both places provide ample shops and give you lots of stores for your pleasure. Also, both areas have unique architectural designs. No visit to Kansas City is complete without stopping or shopping in these areas. These areas also give way to the meaning of Kansas City being the city of fountains.

No trip is complete without stopping at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This fine art museum is a huge museum, and houses quite a unique collection of art from all over the world. Thursday through Saturday the Museum is opened until 9 p.m.

Maybe you prefer sports and theme parks. Worlds’ of Fun is located in Kansas City, Missouri, as well as the Kansas City Royals, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Both are pro sports leagues. The Royals being the city’s baseball team, and the Chiefs being the football team.

Kansas City, Kansas will offer something for everyone and something for nearly every season you visit. Maybe it’s during Christmas, and you want to take a ride in a horse drawn carriage, or may its summer, and you want to take in a baseball game. There are other great museums as well. One of the best websites to find out what is available in Kansas City is as follows: http://www.experiencekc.com/main.html . Check it out, and then go have fun in Kansas City.
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