Jude Law In American Movies

If there is one actor that has been making a big name for himself, then it would have to be the actor Jude Law. Whenever you watch Jude Law in one of his movies, you know you are in for a great time and a great movie. This is because when you see Jude Law in a movie, you know that he is going to give 100 percent of all his skills. Today it always feels like there are not enough actors in the world that give 100 percent of their skills, and it turns out to be a crap movie. If you are going to pay to see a movie, it might as well be a good movie, right?
Jude Law was born in December of 1972. Since then, you have been able to see Jude Law in a number of movies and a lot of good movies on top of that. In fact, he is an Academy Award nominated actor, and I think that should stand for something. However, Jude Law was not born in America, even though you see Jude Law in a lot of American movies. In fact, he was born in England to two teachers, named Maggie and Peter Laws. You can tell that his parents were teachers because Jude Law got his name from a character in a book. This was the Jude the Obscure book, and it was written by Thomas Hardy. However, Jude Law has been doing a lot more than just making movies over the course of his life. In fact, he is also a great father, and that is something that is a must these days. It is hard to find actors that are good parents, as well as good on the big screen. Jude Law in September of 1997 got married to Sadie Frost. With her, he had four kids, and it seem to be a very happy family. However, like a lot of Hollywood marriages, it would not last. In October of 2003 they got a divorced. Of course, someone like Jude Law is not single for too long, and in 2004 he was engaged to Sienna Miller. He met her while he was working on his hit movie Alfie. As you may already know, that did not pan out, and about two years later they told everyone that the wedding was off. Well, we know that Jude Law will be in another relationship again soon. Maybe this one will work out for him.

Whenever you are talking about Jude Law you have to talk about all the great movies that Jude Law has been in. In fact, there was a good amount of years that he starred in a lot of films. One of the first movies I saw him in was The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Jude Law, in this movie, did a great job. In fact, this is the movie where he got nominated for the Academy Award. If you have not seen Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley, then you do not know what you are missing. Of course, he has been in a lot more. Jude Law in Enemy at the Gates was another great role. Of course, Jude Law in AI was also a great movie, where he played the role of Gigolo Joe, if you have ever seen it. Since then, you may remember him in such movies like, Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks and Cold Mountain with Nicole Kidman. In fact, these were both great movies that Jude Law was in. I have yet to see a role that had Jude Law in it that I did not like. In fact, I think that is what makes him such a great actor; it always seems like you can find one role that you do not like that someone played. However, that is not the case for Jude Law and I guess that is why he is going to go down in history as a great actor.

Jude Law, although not born in America, has been in a lot of American films. I think that he knows what it takes to be a great actor, and that is what you need to make great movies. You have to know what it takes to be in the big time roles, and that is not something that is easy to do. After all, it is hard sometimes to get your foot in the door. However, once you do, you have to make a big time deal about it. You have to show people that you want to be there, and that is where you need to be. This is hard to do, but if you can do it, then you know that you are going to be in a lot more movies to come. If you are a great actor, then that is something that you want to happen.
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