It's Just Lunch Long Island City Dating!

'It's just lunch', you best friend tells you as she drags you kicking and screaming into an awaiting car. From this car you will be wisked away to one of the hottest spots for Long Island City dating and introduced to the stranger that will be your blind date. He's five feet tall, chubby and still enjoys comic books and collecting rocks at forty. You will spend the next two hours nodding and smiling and wondering how on Earth your friend's ever thought this was a good idea. Well, It's Just Lunch-Long Island is giving a whole new meaning to the term "blind date." Check it out!
"It's Just Lunch"

"It's just lunch" - those are famous last words for the people in your life who know, and love to nag you. Singles and the recently divorced can expect to hear this catchphrase after remaining unhooked on the dating chopping block for what their loved ones consider to be an intense amount of time - which nowadays usually means more than five minutes.

But the Long Island city dating scene has emerged with a whole new reason to enjoy your next quiet conversation over brunch with a stranger of your mother's choosing. It's Just Lunch Long Island is a dating service aimed at helping Long Island City dating singles too consumed with their rise on the financial fastrack in Midtown Manhattan to care about dating, lunch or any of the other essential meal of the day. Featured on an episode of Oprah, It's Just Lunch offers an alternative for professional Long Island singles. And apparently, there are a lot of those. At last count, it's Just Lunch had more than three million members -nationwide that is.

All About the Company - How It's Just Lunch Got Started

Good things come from being dumped, well sometimes at least. And it's Just Lunch founder, Andrea McGinty is sticking to that story. The concept of the It's Just Lunch empire that has changed the face of Long Island City dating was born fourteen years ago, following Andrea's cancelled wedding after arriving stag at the altar.

Incredibly embarassed, Andrea's friends and family set her up on countless blind dates and encouraging her to hop back on the dating wagon as soon as possible. Ironically, Andrea found solace in just meeting, what she describes as, "normal" and intelligent folks over a simple Mocha blend and donuts at the local pit stop. After all, it was so stress free. Andrea wanted to ensure that other singles could enjoy no hassle, carefree after work and lunch dates without the threat of discussing things like matrimony, politics or world peace-and It's Just Lunch was born.

How It Works

Unlike online dating, in which singles are left to fend for themselves, It's Just Lunch offers first date experts who serve as your personal social calender. First date experts arrange brunch, lunch and dinner dates, as well as cocktails and apple martinis after a long day at work. Not only will they find you a date so that you don't have to battle the bitter Long Island City dating sect, but they will even arrange the dates for you!

Blind date is such a strong term, the networking professionals over at it's Just Lunch prefers the term "friendly set up". And friendly the process is. Your first date expert will tell you all about your date, coordinates your schedules, and even makes the reservations for you.

The Long Island City dating scene was introduced to it's Just Lunch, which started up in the Windy City of Chicago, ten years ago. Such moving to New York's long island, It's Just Lunch has set clients up on a variety of outings, which almost always end in a second date. Some of It's Just Lunch's most popular dating outings in Long Island are: Orient State Park, sailing over the Oyster Bay, Cedar Point County Park hikes through the woods, evening engagements with the Long Island Philharmonic, wine tasting at the Castello di Borghese vineyard, Cafe Testarossa, lunch or dinner at Jonathan's Downtown, or dinner at the Garden City Hotel's Polo Restaurant.

How To Get Started

Call the Long Island headquarters of It's Just Lunch to set up your face to face interview. The company likes to go back to the 1980's roots of matchmaking by getting to know you before setting you up on a date.
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