Is being a part of a peace convoy dangerous?

While concerned with world wide peace and communities, a peace convoy making their way through the streets of a burden village can be attacked by those opposing their mission. Is this a safe way to express one's desires for peace? In the past, there have been many killed in the name of peace. Are these martyrs or people who give less regard to their lives than their cause?
Would you die for something you believed in or would you cave in and consider your life of more value than your opinion? Bringing food and supplies to countries in need, this band of new age travelers are willing to die in order to promote peace and community togetherness.

A peace convoy convenes upon a place where war and destruction area rampant. These groups of people take food, clothing, medicines and other critical supplies into villages and communities who, because of dissonance, are not able to obtain these much needed items by regular means. Their jobs have been taken away by the destruction of the factory where they worked, or the grocery stores no longer have any food available because of looting. These are just a few of the examples that a peace convoy sees when they attempt to deliver goods.

Attempt, because often times, government officials in war ridden countries will not allow the supplies to come into their countries. Hunger and illness cause the people to submit to their governments out of necessity; therefore governments want their people to suffer. This is not always the case, however. A peace convoy will often times be more concerned with the health and well being of children in these countries. Providing medical care, shots and welfare items to ensure their care make up the majority of supplies carried into a country.

Believing that children are our future, these people have either been dramatically affected by was themselves, have had children who have died from illness needlessly, or are so moved by the reports heard through the media, they become activists for the cause. As mentioned earlier, this is sometimes very dangerous because of the subservient nature in which governments try to maintain their villages and communities. It makes sense that, in simple terms, the more needy one is, the more apt they are to comply with wishes made of them that they ordinarily wouldn’t adhere to or comply with. Therefore, if someone, anyone, is supplying their people with needed items, therefore giving them the strength and means to rebel, governments, as well as enemies may try to eliminate these sources and the people who supply them.

Individuals who join a peace convoy are aware of this and proceed anyway. Their efforts aid thousands and those in turn are able to help those to whom the peace convoy are unable the reach. Where do the supplies come from? Those individuals who donate clothing, medical supplies and food come from churches, donation sites, the Red Cross and many other organizations concerned with the welfare of the children in these other areas. If you would like to become someone who makes a one time donation or even are willing to commit to making regular donations through an anonymous agency, please do so. The need is great and there is always a shortage of supplies. The individuals who make these trips like to go with as many supplies as they can put in their vehicles. Your concern and generosity does not go unnoticed. Most donations are tax deductible as well.
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