Is An Internet Scam Ruining Your Mental Quotient?

Matchmaking and social networking sites have turned into non-comfort zones for many people who are conned. One of the biggest internet scams include emotional blackmail through these sites. Despite being computer literate and internet savvy some intelligent people also suffer heart breaks and nervous break downs. Can one really find an online lover? Or is it only a humbug, a virus to be deleted out of our mental state?
Ever since the advent of social networking, millions of people have stories related to some internet scam or the other. In boxes are inundated with emotional appeals and heart breaking stories. But now one has to be alert and sound to the next emotional blip. Next time you have such a fancy mail, think of an internet scam and then read them on. Be mentally prepared to wrench them out. Once you learn to be a brave heart, chances are that no internet cam can ever affect your real life. There are hundreds and thousands of scams on the Internet, especially in personal transactions, dating and matchmaking. Online matchmaking has become the largest Internet market where people are searching for their life partners. But are they actually finding true love? Some may find love and a better partner by luck but rest become victims of some internet scam or the other. Do not ever get embarrassed by reporting an internet scam to the police authorities. You can become a crusader for other such people who may be conned by the same person. Follow the police guidelines and help uncover the internet scam. This is the only way you can keep your mental sanity in tact and have the confidence to carry on with life. We all make mistakes, the best person is that who manages to rise and avoids future trouble.

The most popular internet scam today involves lurid pornography. People put in various obscene articles, photographs, pictures to attract youngsters especially teenagers. A day comes when shocking photographs are produced on Internet in an obscene manner. The use of mobiles and MMS also has contributed to a lot of internet scam. Sometimes it snowballs into sensitive issues leaving emotional scars. These sites get vanish overnight after collecting a good amount of money. Another classic internet scam is the quest for money. At times, individuals at two ends chat daily to know each other well and the day they meet, either of the one blackmails or kills the other to earn easy money. At times, people keep on chatting and women on the other end claims to fall in love. She demands for a money via money transfer or other similar means and disappears all of sudden. Will the truth is out there for many broken hearts.

Some of the matchmaking sites also have fake photos of many individuals. Majority of the females have the guts to put photographs of models, actress, local celebrities and other beauties around them. These females are mostly on the sites to ripe off emotional males and Richie Richs’ to earn easy money. With increasing internet scams, it is important to consider online safety tips. Ensure that you always register a reputed matchmaking site to avoid misuse of your information and photograph. Once you are registered with the site, be skeptical when you chat and exchange e-mails. Do not leak out your personal information to a stranger and never send money to anyone in and around the country. Be smart enough to bring out the true picture of an individual before you actually fall in love. That is good mental thinking.
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