Intense workout in the ring

If you're going to do something you might as well do it right, go all out and get the results you want by giving it your all. If you fail, at least you know that you've tried. When it comes to working out, sometimes the key is to fail. You want to work to failure to make progress, sometimes it is the only way, whether you're using super sets or going one rep too far with a spotter, the intense workout is the key to max gains. How about working out of the box, and more specifically, in the squared circle?
There’s nothing like an intense workout to get the old blood pumping. There’s nothing like an intense workout to make you feel good about yourself. There’s nothing like an intense workout to increase your stamina and strength, but what about an alternate form of training. How much more intense of a workout can you have than training to be a pro wrestler? For that intense workout, though, it requires at least two people. It’s a fitness buddy workout with a guy trying to knock you out.

He pushed me back against the ropes and threw me across the ring. I bounced off the ropes and shot back, taking a shoulder block. He picked me up and threw me outside the ring. Jeff really was a good guy. He came out and threw me into the metal corner post. I took it with my shoulder but hit my face in the process. Jeff threw me back in the ring and got me in a headlock. We were close enough that we could speak. He was grinding my forehead and I was selling it as best I could, doing my best to make it look painful.

“You okay?”


“Arright. We rest a sec then you push me off when we rise, I’ll take a shoulder block, get up, off the ropes, come at you again. I come back. Hit me with the monkey flip.

He rose. I pushed. I pulled him up by the hair.

He hit the ropes on the other side, barreled back, I jumped over him dropping down on my back as I landed. He came back around, I stuck my legs in the air and he flipped over, catapulted by my feet. It wasn’t flawless, but it was pretty fluid.

“Not bad kid.” He said as I held him in a headlock. He began telling me the next. We went through another dozen or so spots, working the match for about twenty minutes. Jeff threw me off of the ropes and hit me with a clothesline, taking the match over. After a few minutes of rest I took over, raising his three hundred pound frame in the air for a suplex, even with help it took some serious effort.

I followed this with a body slam and began working him over with a sleeper, using torque to make it look like I was crushing his massive frame. I was getting tired and I know Jeff was tired because we were both drenched in sweat but adrenalin was carrying us through. As tired as we were, we were going to make the finish of this match. He hit me in the crotch, and, fake or not, that hurt. It made me nauseous, and I was already lightheaded anyway. He backed me into the corner and pounded my head, following it up with a thunderous chop that mad a big red mark on my aching chest. I could hardly breathe but was overtaken by my pounding heart. I began to fight back. He bought in and played with the momentum, stumbling back. I used all of the strength I could muster and scaled the ropes, ascending to my perch atop the highest turnbuckle. I gathered myself calmly, gaining some balance, and then jumped off and plunged towards Jeff, landing a giant elbow. It probably hurt me as much as it hurt me. Everybody thinks that those rings are soft, but that is insane. It is a construction made with a wrestling mat over plywood supported by steel. My rear end stung and I was wiped out but this was the grand finish, so I rolled on top of Jeff and got the pinfall, one-two-three. It felt good though I was entirely spent. It was an excellent alternative workout, and it was very, very intense.
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