Information and Questions Regarding Playboy Magazine and Naked Playboy Models

Did you know that Hugh Marston Hefner founded Playboy Magazine in 1953 at 27 years of age. Today he is editor-in-chief and his daughter Christie Hefner is CEO and Chairman of Playboy Enterprises. What about how Naked Playboy Models are chosen? Usually a partner, friend or the candidate themselves submit their photographs to the magazine. Photo's need to catch the eye of the Playboy editor's. Some Naked Playboy Models are chosen by photographer's who specialize in the fashion, swim suit or glamour styles. The photographer will take test shots of the women being considered to become Playmates, appear in special editions or pictorials. The editor's of photography and Hugh Hefner look over all of the photos and Hugh makes the final decision.
To become Naked Playboy Models you can apply only if you are 18 years of age or older and can provide two forms of identification along with your photos, such as driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate or passport. One form must have current photograph and your birth date on it. Whoever submits the photos if other than the applicant may be eligible to receive a finder’s fee of $2500.00 upon the publication of the feature. All photos should be sent to: Playmate Editor, Playboy Studio West, 2112 Broadway Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90404 USA.

Naked Playboy Models are paid $25,000 for Playmates and an additional $100,000 for Playmate of the Year along with prizes like a new car.

If you want to write to your favorite Naked Playboy Models, you are out of luck. Due to security concerns Playboy no longer accepts any mail for it’s Playmates that are featured in the magazine. The Playmates do have websites that can be reached through though.

In January 1954, Margie Harrison was the first woman called “ Playmate of the Month”. She was featured in Playboy’s second issue. Marilyn Monroe was the “Sweetheart of the Month” in Playboy’s first issue.

The first actual Naked Playboy Models centerfold appeared in March 1956. Marion Stafford was then featured. The first Playmate to sign her centerfold was Jill De Vries in October 1975.

The average Playmate measures 35 – 23 – 35, is 5’6 and weighs an average of 115 pounds. Most Playboy Models are on average 22 years of age.

Blondes make up 40 percent of Naked Playboy Models and Victoria, Susan and Kim are the most popular Playmate names.

In 1960 Ellen Stratton was the first Playmate of the Year, although there is a lot of controversy over this issue. December 1956 Playmate Lisa Winters was named “Playmate of the Year” Joyce Nizzari was named the most popular Playmate in 1958.

Naked Playboy Models have become overnight celebrities by posing in Playboy and have gone on to act, sing or model. Women choose to pose for Playboy due to their dignity and respect toward them and the professionalism that the Playboy Enterprise shows when interacting with the Hot Playboy Models. Playmates are paid well and can receive several prizes on top of their pay if selected as Playmate of the Year.

You can log on to for trivia, answers to more of your questions along with information on the Playmates of your choice. The site has full colored pictures of current Playboy models and past Playboy models. You can even find out how to join the Playboy Club. Sign up for a subscription to Playboy online it’s easier and a lot less hassle for you. Playboy is discreet with its shipping to you and honors your privacy. Hugh Hefner has made Playboy magazine one of the top if not the top magazines for men in the world. His hard work and his dream to show the world beauty in women has paid off. Almost every man dreams of being Hugh Hefner if only for a day and some women dream of being a Playmate in the Playboy mansion at least one time in their lives. So whatever your dream, take a lesson from Hef and follow it through.
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