In Bryan Texas It's All About A&M

In Bryan, Texas life revolves around the central campus of Texas A&M University which is technically located in College Station. In practical terms, however, the two communities have blended to the point of being indistinguishable. With the busy life of a major university campus and the presence of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Bryan-College Station is a major academic center in the state of Texas.

Although technically the main campus of Texas A&M University is located in College Station "just south" of the town of Bryan, the two communities are almost indistinguishable from one another. The growth of the area in response to the presence of the more than 44,000 students at Texas A&M has made life in Bryan, Texas life in a college town.

Although Texas A&M has no trouble attracting new enrollment, it's hard to deny that geographically the community, commonly referred to as Bryan-College Station, is in a plumb location. Houston is only 92 miles to the south, Dallas 169 miles to the North, and Austin 104 miles to the west. Consequently, students from all three metropolitan regions find themselves in Bryan, Texas for upwards to four years because it gives them some independence from Mom and Dad within easy driving distance from home.

Originally settled by members of Stephen F. Austin's pioneering colony, population numbers in Bryan, Texas have grown steadily through the decades. After Texas A&M opened its doors in 1876, there was no chance that Bryan, as a community, would wither on the vine.

Not surprisingly, the population in Bryan, Texas is fluid as students come and go. Apartments in Bryan, Texas are a dime a dozen as students always need a place to live and usually can't wait to move out of the dormitory. Bryan, Texas jobs, at least those on the lower pay scale like food service positions and retail jobs, also tend to be dominated by A&M students. This turn over in apartments in Bryan and in Bryan, Texas jobs is not a detriment to the community but rather keeps the local economy thriving.

The presence of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum at Texas A&M has brought more tourist traffic into College Station and consequently in Bryan, Texas as well. The library's collection includes thirty-eight million pages of papers both personal and official as well as a million photographs and videotape totaling twenty-five thousand hours. With this great wealth of primary material, the library is an invaluable research resource for Texas A&M University.

In spite of this enormous cache of presidential papers, however, Texas A&M's principle reputation is for having the finest college of veterinary medicine in the state. In addition to teaching, the college also runs a premier diagnostic clinic and surgery where countless beloved pets and valuable livestock specimens receive outstanding medical care on an annual basis.

Although technically College Station, not Bryan, is home to the sprawling home campus of Texas A&M University, the two towns have blended into one coherent whole, a kind of academic metroplex. The result is a vibrant community constantly receiving an influx of new blood as graduating seniors go off to make their careers and a new crop of freshmen arrive to begin their education. Centrally located in a geographic sense and central to the academic life of the state, Bryan-College Station is a thriving and important Texas community.

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