Important Facts About Fotki

Before reading this information on fotki, please note the name of the author. This is a name that means "face painter" in Persian. The writer is married to a man who once spent many hours in a darkroom. She finds it very difficult to appreciate any smugness on the part of those who have access to today's photo sharing sites.

The discovery of fotki introduces the user of the Internet to the many benefits of the photo sharing site. Fotki offers a location where the photographer can take his or her digital photos and then store as many as necessary in a secure location. The unlimited storage space available to those who subscribe to fotki represents that Website's most important feature.

Unlimited storage space is, however, not the sole benefit provided to the fotki subscriber. Such subscribers also enjoy the opportunity to see how each of their photos would look in an enlargement. This ability to go online and to take a peek at an enlargement allows the photographer to avoid paying for something that he or she does not want.  With access to fotki, the digital photographer will not work to develop an enlargement and then discover that the quality of the bigger photo fails to match the quality of the original.

Still, all digital photographers should keep in mind that fotki is not the only photo sharing site. Another popular site is Both sites provide the digital photographer with an added method for selling his or her photos. Both sites motivate the user to enter one or more photo contests, thus encouraging the production of better and better digital photos.

The Websites fotki and share one other quality. Both are decades away from the sort of equipment that took up space in earlier photography studios. Both can dazzle the mind of anyone who was familiar with the time-consuming process of developing a photo in the older, now antiquated, photography lab.

In order to appreciate the vast difference between digital photography and the lengthy process used in former photography labs, one needs to speak with someone who saw first-hand how much effort used to go into creating a photograph. At one time photographers did more than work hard in the darkroom. They would also spend hours painting the finishing touches on various photographs after they had been developed.

Just imagine what someone skilled in the use of a darkroom must think when he or she sees a fotki subscriber obtaining a photo within minutes after a camera shutter has been caused to open and close. No more working in the dark to load film into a developer. No more working with harsh and unpleasant chemicals. All of these inconveniences have magically disappeared with the arrival of digital photography and the ability of the photographer to store photos on the computer.

Once the photographs have been obtained, the photographer no longer needs to worry about how he or she is going to preserve them. No more thick and cumbersome photo albums. No more worries that exposure to the elements will damage what has been put on film .There no longer is any film. Nor is there a need to develop film in a darkroom.  There are only the photos that can be digitally reproduced with the aid of the computer.

That, in essence, is the wonder of digital photography. That is the beauty of having a subscription to fotki. That's the way it is now, in this fast-changing age, in the 21st century.

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