I Do Take A Bite Out of The Big Apple: New York City Weddings

The cost in Manhattan topples $500 a day. Ok, that was an exaggeration, but for years New York City has held steadfastly in the Top Ten List of Most Expensive U.S Cities. It's only natural that New York City weddings would be some of the priciest in America, but a social network site, as well as the city itself, has come up with no ways to throw a premier wedding in the city. Stress and bankruptcy free.
Just like the trains, the traffic and an afternoon in Times Square, New York City weddings are bustling and full of activity. The most challenging part of having a wedding in Metro New York is actually planning it. If you thought helping your second cousin get the family together for a shotgun wedding in your Grandpa's backyard was difficult, well then you don't know New York City weddings.

New York City Weddings: www.nycityweddings.com

No one knows New York City weddings better than the people who are living la vida loca in Metro New York. NyCityweddings.com was founded as a network site, sort of like the world wide web's answer to the wedding planner. Although this nuptial coordinator isn't nearly as pushy as Charlotte's on Sex and the City. The vendors are the most popular people on this site geared toward pulling New York City weddings off without a hitch, and leaving enough money in your pocket for a honeymoon when all is said and done.

There are tons of vendors who have posted their services in the following categories:

•Bridal Accessories

•Bridal Centers



•Ballons and Decorations




•Marriage Seminars

•Name Change Information

•Real Estate Photographers


•Catering Services

•Reception Halls

Yep, there's someone in Metro New York offering all of those services, and they're just itching for a phone call. The website also hosts comprehensive guides specifically tailored to New York City weddings.

There are guides on catering halls in the Metro New York area. Guides on locations for the wedding reception. You'll find information on where to secure a wedding gown or tuxedo here, there's even an advice column. And if you're having trouble deciding on a list of songs to play at the reception, there are sections for every part of the party-from cocktails, to the father-daughter dance right on down to the first dance as husband and wife.

New York City Weddings For the Low Maintenance

So maybe big flamboyant hoe-downs aren't your thing. Perhaps you don't really need to have everyone you've encountered since kindergarten there to share in your big day, maybe you can be comfortable with just the two of you. If that's the case, you'll love a no hassle New York City Hall knot-tying ceremony.

Each of the five boroughs has offices for the engaged couple to fill out an application for a marriage license, even cousins, just in case you were wondering:

•Manhattan: 1 Centre St., Municipal Building, 2nd flr., 212.669.2400

•Bronx: 851 Grand Concourse, 161st Street, 718.590.5307

•Brooklyn: 210 Joralemon St., Municipal Building, 718.802.3585

•Queens: 120-55 Queens Blvd., 718.286.2829

•Staten Island: 10 Richmond Terrace, Borough Hall, 718.816.2290

Bring a money order for $35, make it out to "City Clerk of New York." Be sure to have proof of your identity handy, as well as proof of your age. Proof of identity and age can come in the form of, a government issued ID, a Passport, something like that.

And when the marriage license arrives, you can enjoy your big day with the City of New York in the comfort of the Clerk's office. Visit the Manhattan Clerk's Office Monday-Friday between 8:30 am and 3:45 pm for a civil marriage ceremony.
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