I Decided I Had To Stop In Yuma, Arizona.

I was born in Yuma, AZ. At the time, my father was in the Marine Corps, and stationed in Yuma, AZ. At 26 years old I decided it was time to return to the city I was born in and see what it looked like. While there I found many attractions to check out. Though I could not check out all the sites, there are quite a few that may be of interest to anyone visiting the area. This sunny city is abundant in historic sites and folklore.
When I was born my dad was in the Marine Corps and stationed in Yuma, Arizona. My father was transferred when I was three years old and I have only been in Yuma, Arizona once since. Growing up I lived all over the United States. Whenever I was asked the question where are you from I hated to answer that question. Everyone else was from the place they were born. They were born and raised in the same place, plain and simple. For me it was never that simple. By the time I graduated from High School, I had lived in 22 different houses and gone to ten different schools. Yes, I was born in Yuma, Arizona, but I certainly was not from there.

Later in life, when I was in the military myself, I was stationed at the Defense Language Institute in California. This gave me the chance to travel the country from Missouri to California. I traveled alone in my car. On the way to California I decided to take the Northern route. On my way back however, I decided it was time to see “where I was from”. I decided it was time to stop in Yuma, Arizona. Though it was a very long trip I did not get the opportunity to stay in any of the Yuma, AZ hotels. However, they are not hard to find. There are about 26 hotels lining the interstate and along East 32nd St., which is directly connected to interstate 8 there in Yuma, Arizona.

While in Yuma, Arizona I took the time to stop at several sights. The first of course, was the Marine Corps base on which I was born. I was 26 years old at the time and my twin sister had not seen it since we were 3 yrs old either. I made sure to take lots of pictures so that I could somehow share the experience with her. There are several other attractions in Yuma, AZ many of which I did not visit. There are 13 diverse golf courses and the Colorado River provides visitors to the city many opportunities for fishing and water sports. There were two attractions I did choose to visit. I decided to visit a small historical museum located directly in the middle of town. From the outside it was beautiful and inside very informative about the history of the city and its foundation. I also stopped at the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Site. This prison once held some of the most dangerous criminals in Arizona. The prison was used from 1876- 1909. If you take the tour you will also see pictures of some of the most dangerous criminals to stay there. Both were quite impressive.

This beautiful city is known as the sunniest city in the world. So be prepared for the heat. Luckily, the humidity is low. Though the average rainfall is only four inches per year, you can still enjoy the beauty of the Colorado River. If you have the time, take a ride down the Yuma Valley Railway. It runs along the side of the Colorado River and you will get to hear the local folklore and history of the region as you ride along.

Before leaving Yuma, I made sure to take as many pictures as I could, to share with my twin sister. I also visited their Tourism Center, which I was able to find simply by following the signs in town. If there is any information you would like to find while in Yuma, AZ, that is certainly the place to stop.
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