How To Have A Safe And Fun Teen Party

Having a fun teen party can be quite a planning nightmare or it can be a great way to connect with your teenager and their friends. There are may different things you can include in the party. Be sure to ask your teenager what they suggest. There are so many different themes and ideas you can use to help you plan and give your teen and their friends a wonderful time and great memories.
Your teenager should be the first stepping stone in planning a fun teen party. They can tell you what kind of party they would like and who they want to invite. This will give you an idea of where to start. Other things you might ask your teen is food preferences, finger food preference, and any allergies of his friends that he knows about so you can plan accordingly.

A fun teen party is also filled with games and other fun activities. If you live out in the country, a bonfire might be nice. If you live in the city, maybe camping out in the backyard would be a great idea. Whatever you come up with will be a treat and make for a fun teen party.

Some themes for a fun teen party might be a pizza party, a camping party, a board game party, or a party in which your teen says would be enjoyable. You can plan for treats at the fun teen party by ordering pizza, or making finger foods such as chicken wings, brownies, small sandwiches, chips, and a drink. Some teens love this kind of menu as they can get what they want and come back later for more if they wish.

Some other good advice concerning a fun teen party is to call other Moms and see what they have done that the kids enjoy. They can be a wonderful source of information concerning the kids you are going to invite to your fun teen party. They can tell you many of the dislikes and likes of a great number of the kids. This will give you an idea of what to plan for and what not to include.

Music can also be a contention at some of these parties. The kids like the latest tunes and hip hop. You are stuck back thirty years before. Try to get with your teen before party and see if he can make some music cds. Most kids can come up with a few hundred songs that they and their friends will like. Some might just include a few of your favorite songs as well. Then you teach then the YMCA dance or how to do the Electric Slide.

Another choice to make is if the kids will be spending the night at your house. If they are, make sure you have an extra supply of blankets and pillows. Also, be thinking ahead as to what to cook for breakfast. Pancakes are always a favorite as is French Toast. Ask your teen what he thinks the other teens would like. Ask the other Moms what they did at their parties. You can always come up with a great idea or two to keep everyone happy.

Kids today have other advantages that the kids of yesteryear didn't have. They have computers, DVDs, and IPOD's. Anybody that has one or more of these should be ale to create a great atmosphere either wit music or watching the latest movie that is out. These make it easy for everyone to be able to do something instead of being a wallflower. Some kids are shy and you have to take that into account. If you can find a way to get all the kids involved in the party, you will have a great success.

If you don't want to have the party at your house, then you can elect to find a nice restaurant. There are several that are good for teen parties. You could hit the local pizza parlor, the local arcade, or even the local park. There are several choices for venues for your party. Ask your teen and see what they would like better. If you can afford it, go for it.
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