How To Have A Hawaiian Wedding

A Hawaiian wedding provides the perfect opportunity for love, romance, and beauty coupled with adventure and fun. From traditional Hawaiian wedding dresses, to Hawaiian wedding food and music, the welcoming people and traditions of Hawaii and its people will create wedding memories to last a lifetime. Top it off with a Hawaiian honeymoon and you will never want to return from the islands.

A Hawaiian wedding can offer the chance for romance, adventure, and fun. From the welcoming and friendly customs of Hawaiian islanders, to the beautiful surroundings, a Hawaiian wedding is hard to beat.

To get the most out of the Hawaii weddings, they should be held outdoors. The beaches of Hawaii are spectacular and can offer amazing sunsets for an evening wedding. Or, plan your wedding during the day in a spectacular tropical garden.

Another option for a Hawaiian wedding is to rent a boat for the day. Say your vows as you sail away from the islands, and throw an amazing reception on board. 

Of course, no Hawaiian wedding would be complete without the addition of scrumptious, traditional Hawaiian food. Some foods to include in your Hawaiian wedding include sweet and sour pineapple country ribs and vegetable tofu. With its wide variety of tropical fruit, including coconuts, pineapples, mangos, kiwi, star anise, and oranges there is sure to be plenty of sweet snacks at your Hawaiian wedding.

With such easy access to the ocean, a Hawaiian wedding should undoubtedly include seafood.  Some favorites are sautéed shrimp over Portuguese grits. Or, try including crab cakes, salmon and lobster on your Hawaiian wedding menu.  Crabmeat stuffed hirame is another great addition. 

Hirame sashimi with ponzu sauce also makes for a great Hawaiian wedding meal. As does fried or poached moi with shoyu sauce, moi poke, and chicken salad. Recipes for all of these great foods can be found on-line, or contact a local caterer to prepare them for you.

When planning your Hawaiian wedding menu, it should be noted that alcoholic beverages are not aloud on public beaches anywhere in the state of Hawaii.

Traditional Hawaiian music adds the perfect feel to a Hawaiian wedding. The ukulele, steel guitar, and slack key are popular Hawaiian musical instruments. A favorite Hawaiian wedding song is Elvis's "Hawaiian wedding song," which can be sang and accompanied by a variety of Hawaii's traditional musical instruments. 

Choosing Hawaiian wedding dresses and other Hawaiian wedding attire is also a great part of a Hawaiian wedding. Traditionally, Hawaiian wedding dresses are white. They are a longer, more formal version of a muumuu, which is called a holoku in Hawaii. 

Hawaiian wedding brides do not traditionally wear a veil.  Instead, they wear a special garland woven from island flowers. This garland, called a haku lei, is worn around the bride's head. The bride's bouquet is traditionally made of white orchid sprays.

For the groom in a Hawaiian wedding, a white, long-sleeved shirt and white pants is appropriate. Traditionally, a long, red sash is worn around the groom's waist. He should also wear a lei, usually made of ilima and maile, around his neck. 

During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom should exchange wedding bands. These bands should have the couple's special names engraved on them. One favorite choice of women is the word "kuuipo," which means sweetheart.

After finishing a traditional Hawaiian ceremony, nothing is the better topper than staying for a Hawaiian honeymoon. Popular island locations include Kauai and Maui because they are serene and filled with romance and beauty.

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