How To Have A Great New Years Eve Party

It is that one night a year when we are so close to having the chance to do it all over again, aim for a better year this time, fulfill goals we did not achieve yet: it is New Years Eve and it is the night when everyone should enjoy the fun and excitement that goes along with a New Years Eve party. Why go out for the night, spend a lot of money, stand in a crowed bar and deal with potential drunk-drivers? Plan a total bash and have your own New Years Eve party. All it takes to have your party a raving success is to follow a few key guidelines.
You can have a great time planning a New Years Eve party and all your friends will love you for the fun they have. These guidelines will offer terrific New Years Eve ideas to make the party incredible. You can easily pull together a successful party that is impressive, elegant and full of fun. First on your list is to create a list! For a New Years Eve party to be successful there should be a lot of people. The best way to ensure this is to invite more people than you actually hope will be there. Due to personal schedules and previous engagements, not all of the invited guests will actually be able to attend. Keeping that in mind, assume that at least ten percent of the potential invitees will not be able to be there.
You should then decide how many people your house can accommodate. This is a special party and you should be open to the idea of moving some furniture around and removing unnecessary items. The rooms should be clean and sleek so that you can turn them into a party room. If for example, you have a living room and a kitchen that are connected you can remove extra items and such so that the two rooms flow together. You can even remove the kitchen table, to make room, as a successful party will have most of the guest standing, mingling and dancing. There is no need to leave out chairs and such.
When you send out the invitations, make sure to include an R.S.V.P. so that you will have a clear idea about who will be attending. Invitations should be sent via postal mail and written elegantly, showing the address, time the party begins and also can mention a dress code. Your New Years Eve party will be classier if you ask guests to dress formal. Women will love this idea, as it will offer them an excellent opportunity to wear a beautiful and fancy dress. All women love to dress up. The party should begin at approximately at nine o’clock. This will ensure that the party is in full swing when the clock strikes twelve.
Decorations for your New Years Eve party should be elegant and add a festive feeling to the event. It is essential to choose one color so that everything flows together well. One of the best colors for this special night is silver. This adds a great touch of sophistication. To really pull everything together, make sure to put the decorations in all rooms that the party will be held in. Balloons should be hung up. It is a nice idea to have some balloons with helium in them so that they can float around and then have other balloons filled just with air. For these balloons you can take some string and tie four or five balloons to it. Then the string can be taped or connected to corners of the rooms. Streamers are very important as well, they should be put up at the top of all rooms and dip down to create a festive feeling.
Paper plates are fine for the food that will be served, but drinks should be served in glasses. For the menu it is best to have simple appetizer foods. The menu for your New Years Eve party can include cheese and crackers, cocktail hotdogs, scallops wrapped in bacon, hot cheese rolls and any other food that can be set out on trays and guests can easily take some. For drinks, champagne is a must, as it should be opened and passed around in glasses just before the midnight hour. In addition, beer and hard liquor can be set out. For those people who will not be drinking, several different types of beverages should be available so that they do not feel uncomfortable and feel left out. Sparkling grape juice, ginger ale and other drinks that are carbonated are best.
Be sure to have a large selection of dance music playing so that guests will want to shake it and your New Years Eve party is complete. After midnight, it is wise to stop the flow of alcohol to give guests a chance to sober up before they leave. To ensure safety be sure to offer guests the option of sleeping over or taking a taxi home, promising to take care of their car until they can pick it back up. Never let a person leave that appears to be under the influence, not only is it dangerous but you could be held responsible if anything unfortunate should happen. These tips will ensure that the party is a success and everyone will be hoping you will hold one again for the next year.
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