How One Community Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Nonprofit groups in the United States frequently plan to increase their outreach efforts during selected months. For example, many organized groups of healthcare providers plan special programs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Often such non-profit organizations gain added support from businesses that target adult women. Read below, to see how Revlon supports the month that's been set aside for educating others about breast cancer.

Every year, on one chosen Saturday during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the City of Culver City expects to have reservations for all of the rooms at the City's Veteran's Building. On that one Saturday, a group of local organizations coordinates a series of talks on subjects related to breast cancer. Those local organizations receive a lot of financial support from the Revlon Foundation.

A large and diverse group of women attends that special day, a day that recognizes the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some of the women have come from the local entertainment industry; Sony Studios is located in Culver City. Some of the women are breast cancer survivors. Some of the women are sisters or daughters of women who earlier died from breast cancer.

The amount of information provided to the women at the Veteran's building underscores the breadth of knowledge addressed during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It highlights how the City of Culver City has improved every local woman's access to lifesaving facts and figures. Most importantly, the program for that day allows time for the sharing of personal stories.

After women get a chance to share their stories during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, then they appear more ready to share information throughout the coming year. In that way, the organizations that track the needs of the breast cancer survivors can better ascertain those exact needs. They can more readily discover how faithfully those survivors have been sticking to the prescribed diet and exercise practices.

During Breast Cancer Awareness month, a special effort is made to encourage women over 40 to get an annual mammogram. In Culver City, CA, mobile mammogram units fill backstage areas of the auditorium at the Veteran's building. They receive a good deal of use on a selected Saturday, during the designated Awareness Month.

On one Saturday during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hundreds of women fill the seats of the auditorium at Culver City's Veteran's Building. At noon they get a healthful, low-fat lunch, and a chance to share their personal stories. Women who know many facts about breast cancer reveal those facts to new breast cancer patients, who must evaluate the available treatment options.

Those are women in need of many answers. Some organizations strive to provide those answers. Such organizations are deserving of a breast cancer awareness ribbon. Such organizations can be found at

That is a website for the National Breast Cancer Coalition. The Coalition carries out a program that is designed to award the best practices in breast cancer advocacy. The Coalition website does not provide many details about that reward.  It may be little more than a breast cancer awareness ribbon.

The size of the reward matters very little to most breast cancer survivors.  Most survivors claim to get their greatest reward from helping other breast cancer patients. They feel rewarded when they learn that their efforts aided delivery of important breast cancer information.

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