Hiking in Redding California

Northeast California is known for having some of the most beautiful forests in the world and you will find that Redding California is no exception. The extensive Redding trails system is great for hiking, biking and nature walks. You'll also want to take a walk along the magnificent Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay. No matter where you turn here in Redding you will be enchanted by its beauty.
Too often when we think of California we are lured by its southern half. After all this is home to so much of what we think about when we think of California: Los Angeles, Disney World, the Mojave Desert, San Diego and the California surfer scene. When we do think about northern California we generally think of San Francisco, but the northern half of the state has so much more to offer. One of these offerings is the city of Redding.

One of the newest and most incredible attractions in the city of Redding California is the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay. Spanning the Sacramento River, this unbelievable cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge was designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Solely for pedestrians and cyclists access to the bridge is absolutely free and allows visitors to Redding California a chance to revel in this masterpiece of modern architecture while overlooking the beauty of the Sacramento River and the gorgeous Northeast California landscape.

The bridge connects the north and south campuses of the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, 200 acres of land dedicated to beautiful wildlife and carefully cultivated botanical gardens. Gorgeous plants and trees, shrubberies and flowers abound through the park. One of the most spectacular sights you will see in Northeast California the Turtle Bay Exploration Park is a real treat. The Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay only adds to the magnificence.

Redding California is home to an extensive array of trails. Many of these of course are to be found in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park but there are many others as well. Whether you’re riding a bicycle or hiking through the great outdoors Redding's trails is a great way to experience all the wonder that nature has to offer.

The Sacramento River Trail utilizes an abandoned railway to create a beautiful trail through federal lands along the Sacramento River. You can use it to hike along the river and also follow it all the way to Shasta Lake in the north. Shasta Lake is a beautiful place, where you will be greeted with sapphire blue waters beneath crystal clear skies, all surrounded by an emerald ocean of beautiful trees and greenery. Shasta Lake is not only great for hiking but boating and fishing as well. Plenty of resorts lie along the lake's shore so if you're looking for a place to stay outside of Redding this might just be the place.

To experience not only the natural beauty but also the rich history of Redding try the Blue Gravel Mine and Canyon Creek trails. Redding like much of California has a long mining tradition. In the 19th century Blue Gravel Canyon was an important mining area, and artifacts from the mining days of Redding can still be found today along these trails.

To the west in Redding you will find the Westside Trail. It is Redding's only improved dirt trail and is over four miles long. You'll find plenty of fun hiking and mountain biking through Redding's Westside. Its sister trail is the Mary Lake Trail, a short ¾ of a mile that provides a fun, quick jaunt through this endearing country side.

Redding California is beautiful country with thousands of miles of hiking trails, bicycle trails as well as trails designed for off-road vehicles all within a 15 mile radius. Come for the clean air, beautiful greenery and amazing hiking fun that you can have here in some of the most beautiful forests in the world. From the Sacramento River to Shasta Lake, from the Turtle Bay Exploration Park to Mary Lake, there is plenty to explore here in Redding.
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