Height Requirements at Sandcastle Park

Sandcastle water park in Pennsylvania is a large waterpark designed for all ages, but before you go with your children you will want to find out about the specific height restrictions for each ride. Some of the rides at Sandcastle have minimum height requirements due to safety concerns, so it will help you have a fun and disappointment-free visit if you can steer your youngsters to the rides which are suited to their ages and sizes. Sandcastle is a lot of fun, and has some brand new rides to explore.

Sandcastle water park in Pennsylvania is a large waterpark designed for all ages to enjoy.  This family-friendly destination has many attractions, including a brand new set of dual rider, enclosed slides called the Blue Tubaluba.  When considering a waterpark in the Pennsylvania area, you and your family would do well to think about a vacation trip to sandcastle.

The Blue Tubaluba slides are the major attraction at Sandcastle at the moment, because of the novelty.  They are brand new and are the Sandcastle park's first set of enclosed slides for two riders at a time.  They are partly translucent but tinted a light blue water color, allowing the riders the experience of being submerged in blue while remaining aware of the world outside.  A rider on the Blue Tubaluba at Sandcastle experiences a range of sensations, as the ride incorporates misters and waterfalls as well as a period of total darkness.  The ride's length totals four hundred and fifty feet, and the slides culminated in a four foot deep pool to ensure a safe and enjoyable landing at the end of the journey.

Before you pack up your family and head for sandcastle water park, you should consider the ages and heights of all of your family members.  For safety reasons, Sandcastle has height restrictions on many of the rides, so be sure that your children are tall enough to enjoy the attractions at the sandcastle park.  For example, the Blue Tubaluba requires that all riders be at least forty-eight inches in height to ride by themselves, although riders who are thirty-six inches tall can ride with an adult companion.  If your child has his or her heart set on a ride at Sandcastle but is not tall enough to pass the height requirements, it can sour the whole family's trip, so make sure that you know the restrictions before you go.

Another popular feature of the Sandcastle park is the Tsunami simulator, called Mon Tsunami.  It is housed in a twenty thousand square foot wave pool, and is meant to give the appearance and sensation of rolling ocean waves.  This natural-style attraction ranges in depth from zero feet to six feet, making it fun for all ages and all sizes of visitor.  Before you enjoy this attraction, it may be a good idea to reassure your children that the waves are completely under the control of the Sandcastle water park.  The size and force of the pool can be unsettling or even scary for some children, so make sure that your youngsters know that the whole thing is just a simulation, and is designed to provide safe fun.

The Tsunami pool allows visitors the flexibility for whatever kind of water play they like, whether it is diving, swimming, or just splashing around.  However, Sandcastle has its share of more structured rides and slides as well.  Thunder Run is one of the largest, comprising three slides which go off of a single platform housed at the peak of a fifty-foot tall tower.  Riders shoot down four-hundred-foot long, fifty-four inch wide fiberglass troughs, riding an inflatable tube the whole way to stay afloat and enjoy maximum speed.  The world whizzes by until you reach the end of the trough, which culminates in a large four-foot deep pool with an area of forty by thirty feet, ample room for a comfortable drop off of the ride.

Thunder Run
Three slides off one platform atop a 50-foot tower. Ride a tube down fiberglass troughs, each 400 feet long and 54 inches wide. Land in a four-foot deep pool (40 x 30 feet).
Boardwalk Blasters
Two shotgun slides. These are 25-feet long fiberglass slides which the patron rides on her/his back to a surprise ending. The slide ends seven feet above a 12-feet deep pond, and the rider, of course, drops in a free fall to the water below. (Pond is 30 x 30 feet)   

Tubers Tower
These two single-rider inner tube slides begin from a 46-feet high platform. The troughs are each 430 feet long, and they finish in a pond 24 x 40, and four feet deep.
This pair of slides is really unique, incorporating a new concept in the waterpark industry: SKY PONDS. The tower is 48-feet high and the slides are traversed with the aid of inner tubes. The first sky pond is 24 feet above the ground, and both slides empty into it, giving the riders a chance to mingle and rest before deciding to drop further. Next comes a pond 15 feet above ground level and finally one at three feet, followed by one last wild slide. Ponds are 28 feet long x 14 feet wide x 3.5 feet deep.

Lightning Express
(WARNING NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART) These two identical slides are designed for speed. The tower is 60 feet high and each chute is 250 feet long. Called body slides because tubes or mats are not used, each channel has a double dip and winds up in a four-inch deep lane of water that acts as a brake at the end. Finally - THE MONSTER - a giant free-fall slide 250 feet long, starting 85 feet above the finish. Each brave thrill seeker glides down a gradual slope for 25 feet, then drops a steep 60 feet. Deceleration is in four inches of water... a braking lane that is a welcome finish, with a big sigh of relief! 

 Wet Willie's Water Works
20,000 gallons of splashing good fun! Children are in control of their own fun, pulling ropes, twisting valves, and turning handles that unleash geysers, fountains and sprays. And if that isn't enough, there are slides to go down, too! For those days when the sun doesn't shine, Willie's heater warms the water to a comfortable temperature for the little ones. Willies takes good care of parents, too. There are hundreds of beach chairs, in both shaded and sunning areas. Wet Willies is supervised by lifeguards and features family as well as public restrooms. Children must be under 54 inches tall to play in Wet Willie's Water Works.

 Lazy River
Take time to relax on the appropriately named "Lazy River". Lounge in a tube as the gentle current takes you along the river and under the slides. A quarter mile of floating fun! Single tubes, double tubes, or rafts available.

Tad Pool
An area specifically designed for youngsters, the Tad Pool is a great place for parents to help their kids conquer their first "ride on the slides". The Tad Pool is two feet deep with two slides and plenty of wading room.

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