Harrison Ford Starring In "The Fugitive"

A thrill, action and suspense movie "The Fugitive" is about a surgeon Richard Kimble played by Harrison Ford who is wrongly accused of his wife’s murder. Now he has to find the real killer to prove his innocence but he has an obsessive detective played by Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones who just would not leave Kimble out of his sight believing he is the killer. “The Fugitive” is directed by Andrew Davis who is known for directing action and adventurous films.
Andrew Davis is an American movie director, cinematographer and producer. Born on the November 21st, 1947 and raised in Chicago where he has directed a lot of movies as a backdrop. Andrew started his career in the mid eighties while working as a Production Manager of Tapeheads in 1988. However, Andrew Davis should not be confused with Davis who is an actor. Davis has gone on to direct such films as The Fugitive, Under Siege, Above the Law, Holes, The Package, Collateral Damage starring Tom Cruise and The Guardian starring Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner.

“The Fugitive” revolves around Harrison Ford, a successful Chicago based vascular surgeon who returns home from a party to find his wife (Sela Ward) dying from a brutal attack. Kimble fights with a one-armed guy in the house but he still manages to escape. Kimble tries to save his wife but still loses her. He presents his testimony about the one-armed guy but still he is accused of first degree murder of his wife and sent to jail. While being transported to prison by bus, the bus crashes through a guardrail, rolls down a hill and lands on a set of train tracks. Kimble manages to pull himself, another convict and a guard to safety before the train rams the bus. He is freed from his chains and flees the scene on foot. As a fugitive from justice, he becomes the quarry of Deputy United States Marshal Samuel Gerard played by Tommy Lee Jones, who leads a team of from the US Marshals Service.

Although Kimble is wounded and a fugitive in the eyes of law, he still is strong-minded to prove his innocence with the hunters and enemies not far behind. During his run he has a lot of close calls where he is captured by the enemies again but he still manages to escape somehow. Tommy Lee Jones as Marshal Gerard plays a role of detective who is given the case of finding Kimble is an intelligent, determined detective who is willing to do anything it takes to do his job. The character in this movie “The Fugitive” gave him the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Kimble returns to Chicago to find that one-armed killer but has no luck. He contacts several of his colleagues and friend from work to help track him. Fortunately, his friends always believed he was not guilty and are more than happy to help him out. Dr. Nicholas, a colleague of Kimble becomes his eyes and ears to help him through this crisis. This way Kimble is always one step ahead of the detective Gerard because of his sources and contacts. Meanwhile, Gerard starts having doubts about Kimble really being guilty about his wife’s murder.

Dr. Nicholas is later exposed to be conspiring against Kimble. The showdown occurs at a medical conference, where Kimble publicly confronts Nicholas with evidence that an experimental drug was causing serious liver damage. Nicholas, who is now working for a pharmaceutical corporation, has faked test results and stands to benefit greatly if the drug is approved. Kimble was on the path to discovering the truth about the drug when Nichols sent the one-armed man to kill his wife. As Kimble and Nicholas fight, Chicago police are on their trail, believing that Kimble is a cop-killer; the officer was in fact shot by the one-armed man during a struggle with Kimble. The US Marshals are determined to get to Kimble first. Gerard calls off the policemen from Kimble explaining why he thinks he is innocent. After that Nicholas confronts Gerard accepting his evil plan and tries to kill the detective but is disabled by Kimble.

It’s a great action, adventure and suspense movie with a talented cast. While not at the peak of film-making, “The Fugitive” is great viewing that treats both its substance and its audience with respect and intelligence.
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