Happy Whitsun Day

Holidays are an essential part of our culture and our society. Holidays have some kind of significance; holidays can have historical, cultural, or religious significance. Some holidays have more than one kind of significance. Holidays are also a time to spend with friends and family. There are Jewish holidays and there are Christian holidays.
Holidays are an important part of our society and of our culture. Most holidays have some type of significance. The kind of significance can be historical, cultural, or religious. In addition, holidays can be a combination of significances. Did you know that there are holidays in each of the four seasons? The Jewish holiday of Passover and the Christian holiday of Easter are celebrated in the springtime. The Fourth of July and Flag Day are celebrated in the summer. Halloween, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving are celebrated in the autumn. In addition, the Jewish holiday called Hanukkah and the Christian holiday of Christmas are celebrated in the wintertime. Passover and Easter have religious significance In addition; many people claim that Halloween has a religious significance as well. However, other people just believe that Halloween is a fun holiday to dress up in costumes and go door to door asking for a variety of candy and other sweet treats. Halloween also involves witches, pumpkins, and pumpkin pie. Did you know that pumpkin pie is an autumn pie and it is consumed during Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as Halloween? All of these holidays are holidays that most people know. However, there are holidays that people know less about such as Pentecost or Whitsun Day. In order to have a happy Whitsun Day it is necessary to know a bit about this holiday that is celebrated in the springtime along with Passover and Easter.

Pentecost is Greek for the fifteenth day and is one of the prominent feasts in the Christian liturgical year. Pentecost is celebrated the fifteenth day after Easter Sunday. Historically and symbolically, Pentecost or Whitsun Day is related to the Jewish harvest festival of Shavuot. It also celebrates the decent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and the other followers of Jesus. Pentecost is also known as Whitsun Sunday in the United Kingdom and other English speaking countries such as the United States and Australia. It has also been suggested that Whitsun Day simply means White Sunday. Because in the Primitive Church the newly baptized people wore white clothing from Easter to Pentecost and were labeled white robed. The last of the Sundays, which is also labeled the chief festival, was named Sunday in White.

Christians understood Pentecost or Whitsun Day as a powerful feast of the salvation because it speaks about the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai, the founding of the Church, and about the Final Judgment. Pentecost can be viewed as a holiday parallel to Shavuot, just as Passover is to Easter. On Passover, the Jews were delivered from slavery in Egypt; On Easter mankind was delivered from slavery to sin; On Shavuot, the Children of Israel received the Law and on the Pentecost or Whitsun Day the Church received the fullness of the Holy Spirit. The fact that this feast called Pentecost or Whitsun Day marked the end of harvesting, we mustn’t link it only to agriculture because it is a feast celebrating the relation between Yahweh and his followers. Have a happy Whitsun Day.
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