Gulf Coast Of Texas Has Many Family Beaches

Visit the Gulf Coast of Texas if you want to find a family-oriented beach for a fun-filled vacation. Crystal Beach, located 22 miles northeast of Galveston on the Bolivar Peninsula, is one such beach that might be just the quiet family retreat you are looking for on the Gulf Coast of Texas. With 27 miles of beaches where you can camp, fish, crab and much more, you'll have a memorable family vacation.
The Gulf Coast of Texas is home to many family-friendly beaches. From South Padre Island near the Texas/Mexico border to Port Aransas, just north of Corpus Christi, on up the Gulf Coast of Texas to Crystal Beach, which is 22 miles northeast of Galveston, a family-oriented beach is not hard to find on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

One family oriented beach, Crystal Beach, is located on the Bolivar Peninsula. This community of just around 1,000 people is a little tricky to get to, but it’s worth the trip. From Galveston, you take a ferry over to the Bolivar Peninsula. Never fear, the ferry is free, the ride only takes about 15 minutes, and you’ll get to see the Gulf Coast of Texas from a whole new viewpoint. Once you arrive on the Peninsula, take Highway 87 northeast about 10 miles from the town of Port Bolivar to get to Crystal Beach.

There are 27 miles of beaches on this stretch of the Gulf Coast of Texas, and you can still drive on them to see them for yourself. (Leave your ATV, Mule or dirt bike at home, however; if it isn’t licensed, you can’t drive it on the beach here.) If you prefer to stop and sit a spell, you can enjoy your time crabbing, fishing, swimming or watching any of the 377 species of birds found on the Peninsula. If you prefer birdies to birds, there’s even a golf course where you can putter away your day. If sightseeing is your thing, be sure to visit the historic Bolivar lighthouse, just six miles southwest of Crystal Beach.

This family-oriented beach on the Gulf Coast of Texas allows you to pitch a tent and camp if you like. You can even build a small campfire if you like. They ask only that it not be too big and that you extinguish it when you leave. Bring along your own camp toilet, however, because restrooms are not provided on the beach.

If camping isn’t your idea of the best accommodations for seeing this part of the Gulf Coast of Texas, you can always stay in one of the motels or bed and breakfasts here. Or, bring your own accommodations by driving your RV to the beach. There are four RV parks in Crystal beach alone, not to mention several more on the Bolivar Peninsula. The popularity of these parks is no doubt a result of the fact that this part of the Gulf Coast of Texas is a popular destination for “winter Texans,” that is, northerners who come to Texas to wait out the cold winters back home.

If you get hungry during your stay and you don’t have your own catch to eat, dine in one of the many restaurants available. Whether it’s a doughnut, barbecue sandwich, hamburger, enchilada or, of course, seafood that you crave, you’ll find it at one of the 16 restaurants in Crystal Beach. If you’re camping or RVing and want to prepare your own dinner, you’ll find plenty of supplies at one of the small markets near the beach.

For more information things to do and see on Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula on the Gulf Coast of Texas, visit On that Web site, you’ll also find contact information for your lodging options and answers to many frequently asked questions about this family-oriented beach on the Gulf Coast of Texas.
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