Great Hotels in Daytona Beach

There are few beaches in the world that hold the popularity and greatness of Daytona Beach. Every year thousands of people travel across the country just to visit this magnificent beach. If you are planning on taking a trip here to Daytona Beach with you and your family, you will definitely want to find out information on all of the great hotels in Daytona Beach.
When you are one of the world's premier year-round beach resorts, it only makes sense that you are going to have some great hotels. There are definitely a great number of hotels in Daytona Beach for you to choose from when you and your family are planning a vacation here. Some of them are truly fantastic, others are just hotels. You want to find the best Daytona Beach hotel for you and your family on your trip here to the Sunshine State of Florida.

One of the most popular hotels in Daytona Beach for families is the Sun Viking Lodge. Situated right on the beach, this two to eight story hotel is designed specifically for families, and it certainly delivers a perfect venue for you and your family to visit. There is a lot of fun to be had here in Daytona Beach and it all starts with your stay in a Daytona Beach hotel.

With rates as low as $75 a night, the Sunny Shore Resort is one of the best value hotels in Daytona Beach that you will find. Just 1 ¾ of a mile off of Junction Highway 92, it is easy to get to and provides a perfect vantage point from which you and your family can enjoy your Daytona Beach vacation. Nice, clean rooms, a beautiful pool, friendly and efficient service will all treat you to the stay of a lifetime right here in the city of Daytona Beach. For the price it is hard to beat in this sometimes very expensive resort town.

The beach is not the only attraction here in Daytona. It is also world famous for the Daytona 500, one of the most-watched and anticipated events in the world of racing. If you are planning on a trip to come and see great racing along with the beach, you might consider a stay at the Homewood Suites Daytona Beach Speedway – Airport. As you can imagine from the name, this hotel offers easy access to the airport and to the Daytona Beach Speedway, home of the Daytona 500.

Homewood Suites is a three-star hotel, and it offers up all of the comfort and luxury that you would expect from a three-star resort. A brand new hotel, it offers up the best and latest in all of the amenities and has extremely friendly and effective staff ready to serve you whenever you wish. This is definitely one of the best hotels in Daytona Beach to stay at.

Another one of the many popular and luxurious hotels in Daytona Beach is the Bahama House Hotel. This wonderful Daytona Beach hotel is a modern three-star oceanside resort. With easy access to the beach and the ocean, plenty of comfort and amenities you will not find it difficult to leave the rat race of the world behind as you sit back and enjoy all of the elegant style and beautiful beach scenery on display here at the Bahama House Hotel. You will truly feel like you are on an island out in the Caribbean while you are staying at this magnificent hotel.

Daytona Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the entire world. If you have never made the trip to Daytona Beach, now is definitely the time. You owe it to yourself to experience the majesty and beauty of this truly incredible place. Whether you are coming for the beach, the shopping and dining, the golf, or to see the Daytona 500, there are many great hotels in Daytona Beach to accommodate you during your stay.
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