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If you would read your horoscope, Taurus, you would find that you have many likeable characteristics, including great loyalty to your leaders and your romantic partners, good taste in material possessions, art and food and wine, and you are a hard worker. The theme of your life, Taurus, is stability. This is a good thing unless you become too rigid and unbending. Also, if you overindulge in the finer things in life you love so much, you could be in trouble. Read more about your horoscope, Taurus.
If you were born between April 21 and May 21, you should read your horoscope, Taurus! People born under the sign of Taurus, for which the symbol is the bull, have certain characteristics in common.

As any classical astrologer would say, Taurus people are generally pretty practical and determined. You are strong and solid. You don’t take well to being bullied or bossed around. However, if you are drawn to a powerful leader whom you deem worthy, you will follow that person with great loyalty.

If you’d read your horoscope, Taurus, you’d also find that you’re usually pretty conservative, and you’re usually not out breaking very many laws. However, you do like your nice things. Good news from any classical astrologer is you usually work for them rather than steal them. Your nightmare would be to incur tremendous debt, so you work hard to keep your nice things.

As for being conservative, you can sometimes take it too far and appear very stiff and rigid. Watch out for this, Taurus. Don’t get caught up with being self-righteous or self-centered. People won’t find that attractive on you.

Something else that’s in your horoscope, Taurus, is that you are an art aficionado. You might like to see other people’s masterpieces, or you might be an artist yourself, Taurus. Maybe you just have fine tastes. You like to be comfortable and enjoy the finer things, such as gourmet food and fine wine. Just be careful that you don’t overdo these things, Taurus. Your sign is prone to problems with obesity and being lazy physically, so get off that couch.

As classical astrologer notes say, you are a hard worker. We’ve already established that. But you are also a person who doesn’t mind doing the dirty work. You also like jobs in which you can take your time and be methodical. You like stability and knowing what comes next. You fear change and often take a long time to implement changes in your life.

According to your horoscope, Taurus, sexually you are kind of self-conscious. You also are not one who likes to experiment. Again, the theme of stability comes in. You are a faithful spouse. In fact, Taurus, the focus of your life is to maintain stability and keep up your material possessions.

Your horoscope, Taurus, has the ruling planet of Venus. Your career planet is Uranus. Your love planet is Pluto. Your money planet is Mercury. Gems associated with your sign are coral and emerald; your metal is copper. Colors associated with Taurus are yellow, green and orange.

Look to Aquarians to help you in your career. For financial assistance, classical astrologer advices to go to a Gemini. If you need a helping hand in a creative endeavor, seek out a Virgo. For a successful marriage, find a Scorpio and marry that Scorpio on a Friday, your best day of the week.

Some famous people born under the sign of Taurus include tennis superstar Andre Agassi, sexiest woman alive Jessica Alba, actress Tracey Gold from Growing Pains fame, 1950s crooner Roy Orbison, actor Al Pacino, actor Cuba Gooding Jr., Audrey and Katherine Hepburn, baseball great Yogi Berra, Shirley Temple Black, Iggy Pop, Saddam Hussein, Englebert Humperdink, Janet Jackson, William Shakespear and many, many more.
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