Good Evening Hugo Wallace Weaving

Hugo Wallace Weaving is one of those actors that you recognize when you see him but his name may not ring a bell. It's strange that an actor can have one of the prominent roles in one of the most popular film trilogies of all time and still not have his name be known to the world. Then again maybe he doesn't mind still being called Agent Smith wherever he goes all over the world.
Sometimes an actor can get known for a role, or having a distinctive voice, and that can help them stay famous and busy for the rest of their careers. After the advent of Star Wars and CNN James Earl Jones became world famous because of his deep and distinctive voice. Soon Jones would be starring in movies such as Field Of Dreams along side such acting super stars as Kevin Costner and Coming To America along side Eddie Murphy. Sometimes an actor can get to be world famous because of a particular role and few people are able to remember his or her name and refer to that actor as the character they played rather than by their real name. Hugo Wallace Weaving is such an actor and he has achieved world fame and stardom and is unable to walk the streets without being recognized yet very few people actually know his name.

When the first Matrix movie came out in 1999 Hugo Wallace Weaving’s life would change forever. He would achieve massive success and all of the financial gain and notoriety that comes with that success yet if he used his real name to make a reservation in a restaurant almost no one would know who he is. In the 1999 movie The Matrix Hugo Wallace Weaving played Agent Smith and as millions of movie goers all over the world became to know and despise Agent Smith, Hugo Wallace Weaving was able to continue to work unobstructed and unknown to millions of fans. Agent Smith’s role starts off as just a mean guy doing his job in the first Matrix movie but as the movies started to evolve and Agent Smith’s role started to develop it became evident that Agent Smith was destined to become one of the most diabolical movie villains in movie history and Hugo Wallace Weaving played that role to perfection.

Hugo Wallace Weaving was born in Nigeria on April 4, 1960. His family moved around a lot because of his gather’s job but in 1976 Hugo Wallace Weaving finally settled down in Australia and began pursuing a career in acting. He does not own a watch or a cell phone and even though he has two children he says that he will not marry as the idea of marriage just scares him to death. So he lives his life exactly as he wants and his star in Hollywood continues to rise. He played Lord Elrond in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and finished the Matrix trilogy as Agent Smith in 2003 with what has been described as one of the most visually spectacular finales to any movie ever. Hugo Wallace Weaving continues to work at his first love which is the stage and he also lends his talents to movies once in a while. Most notably he has become quite popular as a voice talent for animated movies as his role as Megatron, the leader of the good guy robots in the 2007 movie Transformers, and his distinctive voice talents continue to win him more and more voice over roles.

Agent Smith may not hit the screens ever again but Hugo Wallace Weaving continues to add to his successful career with more roles on the screen and a lot of stage work as well. Who knows, maybe someday people will recognize him as Hugo Wallace Weaving instead of the Agent Smith character.
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