Going to CA? Modesto Residents Want Your Car

On the surface the following article appears like a piece on CA. Modesto, CA is actually the focus of the following essay. However, this essay is also an opinion piece. The writer has used this essay as a way to convey her disgust with the recent turn of events in California. As you read her complaint, you should remember that she spends many hours walking around in L.A. County.

A city well-known to car dealers and car rental agencies is the town of Modesto. California map makers are also familiar with this city. However, those two groups have very different reasons for knowing the location of Modesto. California map makers, of course, must include Modesto on the maps that they prepare. They must put Modesto at its proper location, a spot that is one and a half hours by car from San Francisco.

Car dealers and car rental agencies have a different reason for being familiar with Modesto, CA. Modesto has the highest car theft rate in the entire United States. Many rental agencies try to avoid renting a car to a traveler headed to Modesto, CA. Modesto, therefore, can not always claim to be a city that is easy to reach. 

Apartment hunters in California frequently try to overcome the obstacles to reaching Modesto, CA. Modesto often has visitors who have used RentClicks.com to look for apartments. Modesto, CA. is one of the cities with apartments listed on that Website.
That Website claims one principal purpose: helping apartment owners fill vacancies quickly.

On that Website the apartment owners can provide apartment hunters with important details. They can emphasize the benefits of renting one of their apartments. Modesto, CA and its problem with car thieves receives no mention on RentClicks.com. In fact, the Website provides little information about the different cities in CA. Modesto, like the others, is simply mentioned as a city with apartments for rent.

This fact suggests the need for a new type of Website within CA. Modesto residents, or residents in another California city might consider starting a Website for people traveling to CA. Modesto travelers, for example, should have easy access to information about the rate of car thefts in that city. Travelers to cities where the State has institutions of higher learning might want information on those colleges or universities.

Someone with a disability, especially one that caused them to have problems driving, might not want to travel to or live in California. That seems to be what the State's governor is saying. The governor recently got caught riding a motorcycle without special motorcycle license. The authorities chose not to press charges, and the governor willingly accepted their decision.
On the same Saturday that the Governor had a motorcycle accident, an event that led to revelations that he did not have a motorcycle license, another California resident lost his car, because he, too, was driving without a license. This was a gentleman who had for more than fifteen years been a resident of CA. Modesto was not a city that he had visited, and now it appears doubtful that he will ever be able to go there.

This gentleman had, during his stay in CA, developed a severe eye problem. His vision had become impaired, and so he had been told that he could no longer have a driver's license. Well, it is almost impossible to get around in California without a car. Therefore, this gentleman had chosen to drive without a license. Now he has no car, yet he has learned that his governor has escaped punishment. That Governor might have trouble stopping any car thief who reads this article.

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