Going Out In The Village-An Expose on Mineola Dating and Demographics

Sometimes demographics can make dating a bit of a pickle. Not only do you have to find an emotional connection with that special someone-now you've got the added task of making sure that more than fifty percent of the people living in your community aren't already attached to someone else's hip. In the Village of Mineola, New York, more than fifty-two percent of the population are married couples, and that can make Mineola dating really difficult.....
Where's Mineola, New York, Anyway?

Mineola, New York is such an upscale portion of the state's Nassau County that it isn't even a city or town, Mineola, New York is a village. Named after a native term for "pleasant place," the posh Upstate New York village has been home to some popular culture big names. Tony Award-winning actor, Brian Dennehy Major League Baseball player John Valentin, rock music legend Bob Dylan, and former New York Knicks star the late Reggie Carter, all have some ties to the Village at Mineola, New York. So, why's it so hard to get a date?

Demographics and Mineola Dating

The demographic make-up of this Nassau County village, near Garden City, New York, may have a lot to do with just why the Mineola dating scene greets many a local single with lonely Friday nights at home with the remote and a tub of Ben and Jerry's Extra Chunky. For starters, according to the 2000 United States Census, which serves as a tally on such matters, fifty-two percent of the more than nineteen thousand residents of the Mineola Village are married couples, and the average household consist of two members. When half of the folks in town are married there isn't a lot of hope for the Mineola dating scene-even the Mineola personals wouldn't likely yield many prospects, least more results. Perhaps Mineola dating needs a facelift-sort of like the one that Australia's own "dating in the outback" lifestyle underwent a few years back.

How The Aussies Can Influence Mineola Dating

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