Get The Single York Sensation

Home of the single York confection, the York Peppermint Patty, York, Pennsylvania has a lot going for those wanting a date. It's close to many universities, shopping centers and the cities of Lancaster and Harrisburg. There are also museums, restaurants, and a Harley-Davidson plant, so there is always plenty to see. And after partying and sight-seeing, you can relax in York's countryside.
York is proud of its history and quiet countryside, which at first can be quite off-putting to a hot-blooded single. York is proud of its history, countryside and universities. This can work a single York person’s advantage, for not only are there a constant influx of new young people from all over the world, there are fun and safe things to go with them once you’ve met them.

Don’t confuse York, Pennsylvania for York, Canada or York, England. Many counties and towns in Canada and America were named after English counties. York, Pennsylvania’s nickname is “The White Rose City”, after the symbol of England’s York family, but is often now called “Muscletown USA”, as a major barbell factory, named appropriately enough, York Barbell, is located there. On New Year’s Eve, the town of York drops a giant white rose down a pole to mark New Year’s. Thankfully, they chose a white rose and not a barbell. Things might’ve gotten sticky for York singles.

York is generally thought to be America’s first capital city, for the Continental Congress signed the Articles of Confederation there, which was the first written document of America’s insistence on being independent from England. York has never gotten over this. They still have lovely colonial architecture, antique shops and promote anything having to do with the Revolutionary War. This brings a surprising amount of tourists, which means even more people you can meet.

Although York has some bus routes which can connect to train stations in Harrisburg and Lancaster, the best way to get around is by car. There are many roads and, more important, many gas stations and small shops to ask for directions. Although Pennsylvania has improved their road signage in the last few years, some places still lack clear signs. That’s the single York warning that should be heeded the most.

There are many things you can do as a single York vacationer or new resident. There’s golf, kayaking on the Susquehanna River, hiking, shopping, Amish buggy rides, fine dining of all price ranges, or tours of local factories, including the Harley Davidson plant, various wine cellars, a brewery and the tour I really recommend—Snyder’s of Hanover snack factory, which hands out free samples at the end. There are so many factories to tour that York is the unofficial “Tour Factory Capital of America.” If factory touring isn’t your cuppa, you could try the museums. They are devoted to farming, police heritage, antique cars, railroads, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, The National Watch and Clock Museum and even museums devoted to art. Check out also the newspapers, tourist board website and the events of local colleges and universities. There’s always something to do and something to see, if you look for them.

There are plenty of York singles in the various colleges and universities within a short driving distance. There’s York College, Franklin & Marshall College, Albright College and my alma mater, Millersville University. Those are considered the main spots for fun events for singles. York and Lancaster counties have nearly twenty colleges and universities.

The most recommended attraction for York singles is called the Maize. It’s a labyrinth made out of cornstalks, and is only opened for part of the year. There are lots of places to get happily lost and private.
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