Fun Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a toddler party can be a lot of fun when you involve your child. Children love party themes that revolve around their favorite toys, television programs or activities. Discuss the ideas with your child to discover what their favorites are. Popular themes include Thomas the Tank Engine, teddy bears, Dora the Explorer or a tea party.

Planning a toddler birthday party for your child doesn't have to be a harrowing experience.  Many parents aren't sure what kind of party their child should have and they blindly go planning a get together or calling a party coordinator to pull off an extravagant celebration.  The easiest way to throw a toddler birthday party that your child will truly enjoy is to ask them what their favorite things are.  You may be surprised what your child is interested in, especially if they are in daycare or preschool during the day.

A few toddler birthday ideas for little boys include Thomas the Tank Engine, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, fire engines, teddy bears and Nemo.  Many of these themes are easy to plan because the party supplies are readily available at local retail and party stores.  Creative people can make their own party banners, favors and plan specific games that revolve around the theme.  Check out your favorite character's website on the Internet to find cute downloads or coloring pages that can be used to decorate the party location. Children love party themes that revolve around their favorite toys, television programs or activities.  Discuss the ideas with your child to discover what their favorites are.  Popular themes include Thomas the Tank Engine, Teddy bears, Dora the Explorer, or a tea party.

Little girls love a good party with all of their friends.  A few toddler birthday party ideas for them include unicorns, My Little Pony, Veggie Tales, Winnie The Pooh, Barbie or a ballet theme.  These party supplies are also very easy to find and you can also incorporate favorite toys or dance paraphernalia into the decorations.  Party favors can include miniatures of the characters or theme idea as well as candy and age appropriate toys.  Most children enjoy noise makers or whistles that they can blow when the party girl blows out her candles on the cake.

Not all toddler birthday party ideas have to be centered around girls or boys, they can be for co-ed parties as well.  Great ideas for mixed groups include archaeological digs or dinosaurs, three little pigs, circus, peter pan, barnyard jamboree or a water theme celebration complete with sprinklers and a wading pool. 

A new way for children to celebrate is to have destination themes such as a favorite place to play or eat.  These destination locations can help you with toddler birthday ideas to make your party a success.  This is an easy way to have someone else plan the menu and not have to clean up afterwards.  Pre-schoolers like to play at gym locations where they can crawl and climb to their heart's content.  There are also locations where children can create art or even design their own teddy bears that they can then bring home with them.

A toddler birthday party doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive in order for your child to have a good time.  The basic ingredients for a successful toddler party are cute and fun decorations an attractive cake and a few easy games that everyone can play.  Keep your party time frame to two hours or less and you'll have a party that everyone can enjoy, including the parents.

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