Fraudulent Dialers Online - The Trojan Dialer

A Trojan dialer is one that installs itself into a user's computer network through the dial-up modem. Once installed, it disconnects the user's PC from his regular ISP and silently connects to the Net through its own premium access number. The user may never even realize the damaging action of this virus till his phone bills rockets sky-high! This attack can be prevented by taking a few basic precautions.
An internet dialer is a computer program which connects one’s personal computer to the Internet or other computer networks online. While installing the dialer is one of the easiest things to do, the more dangerous variety of the dialer is that which connects to the Net without the user’s knowledge. Such dialers are called fraudulent dialers, created with the purpose of working stealthily on a network.

Many of these fraud dialers connect to premium-rate numbers, which help them make illegal money for themselves. Many such dialers make great promises to the user, telling him how beneficial it is to use their software and so on. Once the unsuspecting user clicks on the link, the dialer starts finding loop holes in the PC’s security system.

A Trojan dialer uses the above-mentioned techniques to exploit the computer system. Once it gets installed in your PC, it tries to disconnect your dial-up ISP and then connects your network to its own number, whereby you end up paying unusually high phone bills.

Your system is at most risk from a Trojan horse dialer if you do the following:

•Connect to the Net through dial-up
•Set the browser to automatically accept all ActiveX elements
•Answer mails advertising adult sites
•Regularly surf adult porn sites and adult chat sites

Once you click on a Trojan dialer pop-up or link, this virus places itself on your computer system and then goes ahead to cause all its troubles! The minute the Trojan horse dialer has been installed, it will disconnect your regular ISP’s connection, many times, without your knowledge. It will then configure your system to dial the Internet through its own expensive, international premium-access number, thereby earning a huge percent of profits from your phone expenses.

Though the Trojan dialer does not act like a typical virus, it is considered one, as it installs itself silently. If you are sharp enough to suspect it, you can stop its action within about 5 seconds of its activation. You can switch off your PC’s external modem manually. Otherwise, you will have to reformat your PC, as you are not going to be able to get out the Trojan dialer in any other way.

•There are many anti-virus programs available today, that are capable of destroying the Trojan dialer. Many anti-malware software actually offer you the benefits they promise, so do a bit of research on the Net and download this software. Also, remember to take regular updates for these anti-virus programs and scan your PC often.

•Prevention is always better than cure. Get your ISP to block any premium dial-up number in advance, so that these Trojan dialers cannot connect to your network anyway. If you still suspect an infection, tell your ISP about it. They would be able to control it from their end.

•Keep an ear open for your modem dialing sounds. If you hear some other number being dialed on your modem, immediately switch it off.

•Set your browser to run only signed ActiveX controls or only when prompted to do so. Also see to it that your Java permissions are set at the ‘High Safety’ level, to stop fraudulent activity from taking place on your network.

•Install a firewall for added safety and manage its settings to provide you with the maximum protection online.
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