Found In CA: Wedding Planners With A Challenge

If your view of a wedding is a church ceremony where the bride is dressed in white, you are in for a shock during a visit to Los Angeles, CA. Wedding planners in that city have discovered that there exist many different ways to carry-out a wedding ceremony. In fact, if Guinness World records went in search of the world's most challenged wedding planner, LA is probably where it would end its search.

Are you searching for the world's most challenged wedding planner? Go to Los Angeles, CA. Wedding planners in that city face all sorts of challenges. Because there is such a diversity of cultures living within Los Angeles County, the wedding planners in that area have been called upon to plan and carry-out all types of wedding celebrations.

For example, suppose one were seeking to observe a Sikh wedding. California would be the place to go, more specifically to Los Angeles, CA. Wedding celebrations that follow the Sikh customs take place regularly within Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County has a fair number of residents who wear the traditional Sikh turban. Hence it also has many young people who provide wedding planners with the task of planning an Anand Karaj, a Sikh word that means "blissful union."

The term "karah prashad" holds little meaning to the wedding planners in most places, but not in Los Angeles, CA. Wedding planners in that city frequently recognize that term. They can, in many instances, recall that it is the name of the pudding that the groom gives to his family during a Sikh wedding.

The term "Gudwara" has also entered the vocabulary of the wedding planners in Los Angeles, CA. Wedding planners in that city sometimes need to learn about the restrictions on a "Gudwara." This is the word that names the place where a Sikh wedding will take place. A Gudwara can not be located at a hotel, but in can be at a home.

Of course the task of planning for a Sikh wedding is not the only challenge that has been known to face the wedding planners in Los Angeles, CA. Wedding planners in that city have also, on occasion, been required to organize the details for a Hindu wedding. They know that a Hindu wedding traditionally takes place outside under a canopy. They recognize the term "mandap," the word Hindus use when referring to that canopy.

If you believe that a bride never wears red at the weddings, California might change your thinking. Red is the traditional color of the bride's clothes at a Hindu wedding. The dress of wedding guests can likewise be quite a surprise at a California wedding. That is because so many Persians live in California.

Persians consider black an acceptable color for the attire of a guest at a wedding. Because Persians families are present at many types of weddings, many California weddings have guests wearing black. This includes Muslim weddings, Jewish weddings and Baha'i weddings.

Baha'i weddings are not that rare in Los Angeles, CA. That is due to the fact that New York City and Los Angeles are the two American cities with the largest numbers of Baha'is. Wedding planners enjoy planning a Baha'i wedding, because it involves such a simple ceremony.  It really only requires one thing: that the groom and bride together say the phrase, "We will both verily abide by the will of God."  With the uttering of that phrase in the presence of two Baha'i witnesses, a man and woman can be married. Wedding planners in Los Angeles are rapidly learning that fact.

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