Fotki Free vs Fotki Premium

Photo hosting and storage sites are almost a necessity these days. Nearly everyone has a digital camera and uses the heck out of it. Rapidly people come to realize the need for having someone hold all those pictures for them. Protect against loss of data at home, avoid clogging emails with cumbersome attachments, and not least of all, take their photos and make them look better, put them in a nicer environment to share and show to the world.
Fotki has a free version and a premium version. Fanatics for both are easy to find. The free version allows you fifty megabytes of storage space, fifty megabytes of email space, and you have to view not so nasty advertisements on your display. That's great, easy, a moderate amount of space to utilize, great for starters. Certainly worth doing for free.

However, for even the regular Joe user on Fotki, soon enough, that's not enough. Fifty megabytes can be eaten up easily within a year of regular photo storage. And by that time you will have been entrenched in the Fotki culture, and need to pay the premium service fees. But no worry, the premium customers are more than satisfied with what they get for what they pay.

With the premium account, Fotki gives you a lot of bang for your buck. No advertising, unlimited photo storage space, five hundred megabytes of email space, and some other really, really handy features. With a premium subscription, you can control the download of original photos, which to the person on the public end, this is a big downside to Fotki. It's impossible to snatch really great photos for website building and just stealing then for your own use when you come across someone using Fotki to store their photographs. With Fotki's premium membership, you can set who is allowed to download your originals.

Premium subscription to Fotki will also allow you to upload our photographs with ftp, file transfer protocol, which is a lot faster, more reliable, and can allow you to upload a string of photos with a couple of mouse clicks. It's a feature that's well worth using, even a must, if you deal in any kind of volume of photographs and images. With premium subscription to Fotki you can also sell your photos! Amazing. With that feature right there, certainly there's previously amateur photographers by the thousands are taking advantage and making a few dollars or yen or sterling pounds off their regular usage of the Fotki premium subscription. You can turn Fotki into your professional business area, and mange it through your web browser. No more setting up your own dang website and learning frames, and html, and on and on. And you may "co-brand" your photographs also with premium membership. That means you can create your own website with Fotki itself or seamlessly integrate any of your Fotki pages with other websites of your own.

When you register as a new free Fotki member, you will get a two week free trial of the premium membership. By the time the two week trial is over, it will be hard to go back to the free subscription. Fotki has a fanatical following for a reason, because they deliver. Oh, and printing too. Boy do they have printing and shipping rates to beat all. Fotki offers more than the competitors, and at a better price also. They’re so confident in their competitive prices and services, that you can find a comparison chart. No need to wonder if you’re getting a good price, competitive service, with photo printing, finishing, sizing, and shipping. You can find Fotki’s offers right alongside all the major competitors right there on their website. They beat the competition, hands down, in every area. might be the heart and soul of online photo sharing, but Fotki is the nuts and bolts.
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