For Single Men and Women, Clinton, Michigan Offers Many Challenges And Opportunities

For single men and women, Clinton Township in Michigan might just offer the perfect mix of small town living and big-city attractions. Just an hour drive to Detroit, Clinton is a small community in southeast Michigan. It has great down-home charm and a friendly air that make it perfect for dating, but singles in the area can avoid the pitfalls of small-town dating because of the town's proximity to larger cities like Ann Arbor, Jackson, Toledo and Detroit.

The Village of Clinton, Michigan is a picturesque midwestern town located in southeast Michigan.  With a population of just about 2500 people, the town is small indeed, which usually bodes poorly for single men and women. Clinton dating scene only suffers a little bit from these problems because although it is small, it certainly isn't isolated.  Nearby towns include Ann Arbor, Jackson and Detroit, Michigan.  Toledo, Ohio is also just an hour away. However, one does not have to leave Clinton to have a good time. There are many ways to meet people in the area, Clinton personal ads are popular as are old fashioned methods of meeting people at bars, and other social events.  A Clinton date can include a wide variety of things, from live music to dancing all without ever having to leave the city limits. 

While there are some great things about Clinton, there is some bad news for single men and women. Clinton, to begin with, is nearly one-hundred percent white (ninety-seven point four percent exactly, according to the most recent data).  If you don't date white people for whatever reason, Clinton, Michigan is most certainly a bad place for you to be.  Also, according to the most recent data, well over fifty-percent of the population over the age of fifteen in Clinton is married, which makes the dating pool rather small, considering how small the city already is.  Also, the area is heavily economically dependent upon car manufacturing, which is not doing very well right now, as a result the town has lost about 7% of it's population during the last 10 years.  That is not to say that there are no opportunities for single men and women, Clinton is a charming town with many positive aspects.

It can be difficult to meet people in a place like Clinton.  Personal ads can help single people meet with other people in Clinton or in nearby towns.  Clinton does not have its own newspaper, so people in the town will need to look at either the internet dating sites, or place ads in the newspapers of the larger cities nearby.  For single men and women, Clinton personal ads can be a good way to meet people in the area.

For single men and women, Clinton is home to several excellent bars and restaurants where people can meet and mingle with the opposite sex.  Stormy's Tavern and McGlynn's Pub on West Michigan Avenue are popular places as is Race Track Inn on US Highway 12.  People meet, drink and eat at these and several other dining establishments, such as Old Tyme Pizza on East Michigan Avenue.

A Clinton date doesn't just have to be about food and drinking.  There is a movie theater on West Michigan that plays all the national favorites. If you enjoy outdoor activities, southeastern Michigan is the place for you.  Hiking, biking, and fishing are popular warm weather activities while cross-country skiing is popular in the winter.  Places like Highland Recreation Area, located nearby, offers opportunities year-round for single as well as partnered men and women. Clinton has a little bit of something for everyone.

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