For Female Singles, Fairfield in Great Location

The following offers some information that pertains to young adults in Solano County. It is intended primarily for the eyes of female singles. Fairfield, California has been profiled as a pleasant location for a date, and Fairfield has another resource for female singles. It offers females a great supply of male singles. It is located next to Travis Air Force Base.

Just one hour north of the City of San Francisco and minutes from Travis Air Force Base one finds many female singles. Fairfield, California contains a number of young women who eagerly eye the uniformed men from the Base. Some of them dream of dating a man who is both "an officer and a gentleman."

What potential dating sites might drift through the minds of those singles? Fairfield is close to a lovely park on a lake. Lake Solano Park creates a romantic setting for any date. The park contains a boat launch and picnic facilities. For those who are more sports-minded, the Park has earned a top recommendation as a spot for fly fishing.

The smells of Fairfield do not escape the notice of the city's female singles. Fairfield is filled with odors from two factories that offer tours to the public. Either of those facilities could serve as the destination for an outing by a dating couple. The male partners would probably have greater interest in the Anheuser Busch brewery. The free samples here, however, can only be enjoyed by those who are 21 or older.

A sweeter smell comes from a second local factory. It holds greater interest for the area's female singles. Fairfield, California contains a plant of the Jelly Bean Candy Company. The Company welcomes visitors to enter the plant and to smell more keenly the aroma of chocolate, apricot, cinnamon and banana or other tropical fruit. Inside the visitors are free to dine at the Café. There a Fairfield dating couple could laugh as they ate Jelly-Belly shaped pizza or hamburgers.

One visitor to the Jelly Belly plant in Fairfield put these words in his review of the visit: "The process of making Jelly Belly jelly beans is several steps long, which involves 4 layers of flavors all the way to the center of the bean..." This review suggests that the plant has the potential to hold the interest of both members of any dating pair.

Perhaps a more exotic dating spot has entered the mind of one or more of the city's female singles. Fairfield can serve as the starting point for a scenic excursion to Lake Berryessa and the Napa Valley. These excursions would carry a Fairfield dating couple just two hours from Solano Park, a Park adjacent to the City of Fairfield.

For some of Fairfield's singles the location of a date appears to be less important than the nature of the companion one has while on that date. One of the female singles in Fairfield wrote these words: "Where is that passion-filled man laced with integrity?"

While this female was searching for a passionate male, a more fun-loving male living in Fairfield submitted these words to one dating Website: "I am fun, outgoing, funny and very easy to talk to. I like to catch the latest releases at the movie theaters..."

The above is a sample of the thoughts that pass through the minds of Fairfield's singles. Fairfield has a few other spots where those singles could go on a date. The North Bay Opera performs in Fairfield, California. Fairfield residents also enjoy ready access to the Travis Air Museum and the Western Railway Museum.

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