Flirt Techniques And Women - Why They Do The Things They Do

It was bound to happen: sometime between the first half of the Super Bowl and a trip to the supermarket, women decided to stop waiting to be courted and do the courting. And in that moment the conscious and not-so-conscious display of flirting techniques employed by women began. Women flirt for a lot of reasons - to find a suitable mate, a lifetime partner, someone to have sex with or maybe all three.

When it comes to flirting techniques, it's not so much what a woman says, as what she does. Studies have shown that women give off non-verbal cues to initiate contact. And the bad part is, most men are so naïve, they don't even realize it. Males process the information from these non-verbal flirting techniques and react; all the while thinking it is they who are initiating contact. 

The old-school train of thought used to be that the woman with the most attractive figure attracted the most men, because men - by nature - are searching for someone to have their child. Now maybe this is true, but while the male may be looking at the female's breasts and hips, what he is really responding to is the flirt techniques themselves. Those good 'ol non-verbals that subliminally summon the man.
Research has shown that when women flirt they used no less than 52 different flirt techniques, ranging from glancing, gazing and lip licking to giggling, laughing and even nodding in agreement. Many times the woman's flirt techniques will include hiking her shirt up (if she's wearing a skirt) to make sure a specific man gets the message, and pulling it down if those signals were picked up by the wrong individual.

Again, women flirt because they want to flirt. It's no accident that is certain.
Now when women flirt, the man receives these signals and responds with his own subtle or not-so-subtle signals. Males tend to respond with actions that can be interpreted as dominant. Such as sticking out there chests, maintaining eye contact and even strutting around. It all adds up to some crazy-looking mating dance. More often than not though, these actions - by both man and woman - go on simultaneously, and involve several members of the opposite sex at the same time. In short, both man and woman are "working the numbers". Throwing out a wide net so-to-speak and sending out specific signals and then seeing what mate gets reeled back in.
When women flirt, sustained smiling seems to be a signal that is emitted with regularity. If they are happy, they will show it. And the male will respond in kind. Likewise, if the non-verbals a woman sends out are getting picked up by the wrong man, she will send out strong easy-to-recognize signals such as turning partially away or crossing her arms in indifference.

Again, all these actions amount to a kind of psychological ping-pong game; the woman picks up her drink, the man does likewise. The woman takes out a cigarette and the man offers to light it. Thus when the woman flirts she ensures that she is in synch with her prospective mate. And all the while, the woman's flirt techniques dictate the pace of the encounter. Because many times the end result is not necessarily sex. Sometimes the woman is going through the motions simply for the enjoyment of knowing that her methodology works. It wouldn't be the first time that a man feels he is receiving all the signals that will lead to a roll between the sheets, only to find himself staring at a woman who all-of-a-sudden is more interested in the split ends of her hair that in the gaze of his eyes.

This again goes to prove - woman flirt because they want to flirt. They know what they want and go after it. And the male - more often than not - is powerless to stop her!

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