Find Your Perfect Beach Vacation at Sarasota Hotels

The state of Florida is known for its exceptional beaches, and the city of Sarasota is no exception. It has some great beaches, and you might just find your next beach vacation lounging in the sun at one of the many excellent Sarasota hotels. Sarasota not only offers a number of beaches, but also small islands as well to help you make the most of your trip.

Located on the western side of the great state of Florida, the city of Sarasota resides on the Gulf of Mexico.  The Gulf of Mexico offers a very different feel from the Atlantic coast on the eastern side of the state.  The waters are often calmer and offer a great location for swimming or just lounging around on the beach outside of one of the many Sarasota hotels.

With the Gulf of Mexico to the west, the city of Sarasota lies on the Bay of Sarasota, which breaks up part of the city into a number of small islands known as keys.  Several of the Sarasota hotels lie on these small islands, making a trip to Sarasota a rare treat.  There is a wide range of oceanfront property in Sarasota, so you'll be able to find a number of excellent beachfront Sarasota hotels to stay at.

One of the more popular and well-regarded Sarasota hotels is the Banana Bay Club Waterside.  This hotel offers not only great hotel rooms but also villas right on the beach providing luxury and privacy in your own special little place on the beach.  It is hard to beat the fun and excitement of a beach vacation in Sarasota Florida staying in your own villa.

Whether you stay in one of the many villas or in the main hotel you will find clean rooms, efficient and friendly service combined with plenty of amenities.  There is a pool at the hotel as you might expect, and you can also find a number of other services designed to fit your needs.  With the beach right there don't expect to spend too much time staying indoors, though, you'll want to experience your fun in the sun as much as possible while staying at the Banana Bay Club Waterside.

Another one of the excellent Sarasota hotels is the Holiday Inn Sarasota - Lakewood Ranch.  Holiday Inns are known for bringing a little bit of down-home comfort, a little bit of luxury and a lot of great service at an excellent price and the Holiday Inn Sarasota is no exception.  Prices start as low as $134 a night and you will find your stay there most enjoyable. 

As you can tell from the name the Holiday Inn Sarasota - Lakewood Ranch overlooks Lake Osprey, rather than being right on the Gulf.  This doesn't matter too much, though, as Lake Osprey is an impressive lake and still offers plenty of water fun for your enjoyment.  You can stay in either a guest room or a suite, all of which are exceptionally clean and come with the best in Holiday Inn service.  You'll be charmed by the beautiful southwestern d├ęcor of the hotel.

For one of the cheaper Sarasota hotels you'll be hard to beat the Knights Inn Sarasota at only $61 a night.  This example of the fine Sarasota hotels is located conveniently near the airport only a mile away, so you won't have too much trouble getting there once you arrive in the city of Sarasota. 

The rooms at the Knights Inn are clean and the service is fast and friendly.  It might not be the most luxurious place to stay in Sarasota, but it is an excellent choice for visitors on a budget.  Whichever of the Sarasota hotels you choose you will find your beach vacation in Sarasota plenty of fun and a trip to remember.

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