Find the Perfect Pensacola Hotel in Pensacola Florida

You'll find Pensacola Florida right at the very end of the Florida panhandle on the Gulf coast. It’s not the biggest city in the world but it has a lot of history and it has a lot of heart. It is also the place where you can find some of the greatest vacations east of the Mississippi. (Or west of the Mississippi, for that matter). If you're planning to enjoy some magnificent Pensacola stays, we have the perfect Pensacola hotel for you.
You've probably heard Pensacola referred to by one of its many nicknames. "The City of Five Flags," referring to the flags of the five different countries that once ruled over Florida: Spain, France, Great Britain, the United States and the Confederate States of America. Or maybe you've heard of "The World's Whitest Beaches" (You can figure that one out yourself), "Cradle of Naval Aviation," "Western Gate to the Sunshine State," "America's First Settlement," or "Red Snapper Capital of the World." All of these names apply equally to the great city of Pensacola, a place where you will find all of your vacation dreams come true.

If you are planning to come to Pensacola and enjoy the world's whitest beaches or experience the history and tradition of America's oldest settlement and the cradle of naval aviation, you'll definitely be wanting to find the best Pensacola hotel that Florida has to offer. You're in luck, because there are a wide variety of fantastic Pensacola hotels available for you here in the western gate to the Sunshine State.

If you're looking to plan a budget vacation here in Pensacola you'll definitely be interested in finding a budget Pensacola hotel. The Motel 6 Pensacola East is by far one of the cheapest hotels in the city, costing as little as $36 a night! With a great location right in the middle of one of Pensacola's many fantastic shopping areas you will find the Motel 6 Pensacola East a true delight, and not just for the money that it leaves in you're wallet.

Some might be looking for a Pensacola hotel that is a little closer to the beach, and they can't be blamed. After all, it isn't every day you get to stay in a city that boasts the whitest beaches in the world. You might be interested in the Holiday Inn Express Pensacola Beach (formerly the Dunes). Right on Pensacola Beach, this is a lovely hotel that offers all the best in modern conveniences while giving you easy access to the beach and lovely ocean views from your room. A beautiful C shaped structure with gorgeous scalloped balconies away you.

You'll also marvel at the comfortable rooms. The beds, couches, pillows and chairs don't feel like they come from a hotel, but come from your living room or bedroom. Offering a nice, homey touch for those family Pensacola vacations. It is great for couples as well. Everyone is welcome here at the Holiday Inn Express Pensacola Beach and can have the time of their life.

For an even more luxurious stay in beautiful Pensacola, try the Portofino Island Resort and Spa. This is perhaps the most highly regarded Pensacola hotel in all of Pensacola. A beautiful resort and spa on Portofino Island, here you will find some of the most beautiful views from your hotel room and balcony. Many rooms overlook the bay, the sound and the gulf. It is just a short walk to the beach, so you are right in the heart of the action. For first class luxury, service and view, there is no beating the Portofino Island Resort and Spa.

Pensacola is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the country. Here in Pensacola you will find plenty to see and do, and it all starts with a stay in one of the incredibly beautiful Pensacola hotels. Come to Pensacola today: it will be one vacation you will always remember.
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