Fencing and all that you wanted to know about it

Fencing is perhaps one of the most ancient forms of sports that is still in existence today. Fencing as an Olympic discipline is extremely popular. In fact a lot of countries participate in fencing tournaments which are held all over the world. The sport requires specialized skills. The equipment that is used in fencing is also specialized. The internet is one good source of information on fencing.
Fencing is among the most popular of Olympic sports. More and more people are taking up this fascinating sport. Competitions in fencing and other related forms of competitive fencing are held throughout the world, all through the year. The rules of the game have continuously evolved over a period of time starting from the early 17th century onwards. The three basic types of weapons that are used as far Olympic fencing goes are the foil, saber and epee. In most of the competitions that are held these days an electronic scoring system takes care of the points that each player scores. This has been done in order to minimize the bias when it comes to refereeing.
The sport is gradually becoming very popular across a wide spectrum of the general population. In fact the sport has also become an integral part of the Paralympics where there is a version known as wheelchair fencing. Disabled fencers are able to participate in the sport with the help of a wheelchair which is in turn fastened to a frame. The entire footwork here is replaced by the movement of the arm. The weapons that are used in wheelchair fencing are more or less similar to those used in Olympic fencing. Fencing and variants seem to go hand in hand literally. There is one more variant known as one-hit epee which is in fact a part of the modern pentathlon. The rules are similar but not exactly similar to that of Olympic fencing in this type of variant. As we have seen fencing and variants seem to go hand in hand. Many practitioners of the sport see it as a western martial art. This has also given rise to another variant which can be termed as classical fencing.
The weapons that are used in classical fencing include epee, saber and the standard foil. When it comes to fencing and its variants there seems to be literally no end to list of variants that are there. You can find one more variant known as historical fencing which is based on historical traditions and texts. These fencers work with a variety of weapons including daggers, pole arms and bludgeoning weapons. The way to manipulate these weapons is quite different from that of the weapons that are used in conventional fencing. This is so because the weapons used in historical fencing are substantially heavier than the ones used in Olympic fencing.
The protective clothing that modern fencers use is made up of tough nylon or cotton. You can get plenty of information on fencing and the protective equipments that you need by visiting dedicated online sources. With advancing technology there have been other ballistic fabrics which are being used widely to prepare fencing dresses. These modern fabrics perform the crucial role of being puncture resistant. Yet another piece of important protective equipment is the under-arm protector which is beneath the jacket. Participants in fencing and its related variants are also supposed to wear one glove for the sword arm. They also wear knickers or breeches which come to just below the knee level. Fencing and its related variants also require the participants to wear socks which usually come up to the knee length. Flat soles are very important when it comes to shoes for fencing and its variants. You can find plenty of useful information on fencing and its variants by visiting online sources dedicated to the topic.
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