Famous Astrologer Joan Quigley Was First Lady's Adviser

If you were alive in 1988, you remember the controversy that ensued when it came to light that famous astrologer Joan Quigley was First Lady Nancy Reagan's most trusted adviser on matters related to her husband's schedule and safety. Time Magazine even ran a cover story about the scandal, caused when Ronald Reagan's chief of staff leaked the news to the press. Read more about Nancy Reagan's best astrologer and what she did during the Reagan presidency.
Joan Quigley is the name of the famous astrologer who advised former First Lady Nancy Reagan during her husband, Ronald Reagan’s, years in office. Nancy Reagan consulted with this famous astrologer many times, particularly after the assassination attempt in 1981 that almost killed President Reagan. Nancy Reagan’s reliance on Quigley became front-page news, and she even made the cover of Time Magazine in May 1988 with the headline “Astrology in the White House.”

But where did this famous astrologer, Quigley, come from, and how did she first meet Nancy Reagan? Joan Quigley was born in San Francisco. She met Nancy Reagan in the 1970s. Nancy Reagan apparently thought she was the best astrologer available and called on her in 1981, after John Hinckley shot the president, to advise the First Lady on matters related to President Reagan’s safety. It wasn’t until 1988 that people found out that this famous astrologer was advising Nancy Reagan, and she started getting bad press for it. The person who actually leaked that interesting bit of news to the press was Donald Regan, the president’s chief of staff who had been forced to leave his position because of a power struggle with the First Lady over decisions such as the president’s schedule. A little revenge in his motive then, you think?

This famous astrologer was called on to set many important dates and times in President Reagan’s schedule. Quigley would look at calendars and label them good or bad days for the President to do certain things that might put him in danger. She would also schedule, down to seconds, the arrival and departure of the president’s airplane, Air Force One. Other important events she set the timing for included the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, campaign debates against Democratic opponent Walter Mondale and Anthony Kennedy’s Supreme Court nomination.

After Donald Regan publicized the relationship between this famous astrologer and Nancy Reagan, the First Lady cut ties with Quigley. The conservatives who backed Reagan for president weren’t too happy about Nancy’s methods to keep the president safe, thinking them crazy or kooky.

After the Reagan years, this famous astrologer penned a book called, “What Does Joan Say.” That was apparently what First Lady Nancy Reagan used to ask when there was a decision to be made in the White House. Quigley is a famous astrologer who believes that astrology is closer to science than some sort of psychic ability or intuition. She even used computer programs to create charts for Reagan.

Interestingly, Quigley said that Reagan’s astrological charts were similar to those of President Abraham Lincoln, who had been assassinated. She pointed out that both presidents were born in February and both were elected in years ending in zero. Another similarity is that apparently Lincoln consulted astrologers during his presidency, too, as did President Harding. Even Richard Nixon was known to consult with famous astrologer Jeane Dixon during his time in office. I guess he should have asked her about Watergate.
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