Facts and Places of Interest in Lynchburg Virginia

For those residing in Lynchburg Virginia, most are well aware of the deep and interesting history of the city. Starting off as a small settlement, this city slowing grew into what it is today: A great place to live and a great place to visit. For those who will be visiting, there are a large selection of Lynchburg, VA hotels from which a person may choose from, while they enjoy the sights and activities of this city.
Lynchburg had a long struggle to become the thriving city that it is today. In the middle 1750’s the village of New London was a large trading area. New London was very difficult to reach from the north, so John Lynch created a ferry service on a piece of property that his father owned. The ferry greatly aided in transporting goods and the land that the ferry launched from became to be quite important. Thinking that this area would make a perfect place for a town, in 1786, the town of Lynchburg was founded.

In the late 1700’s a large majority of the population in Lynchburg Virginia were Quakers; however they did not stay in this area long, as they opposed slavery. Between 1786 and 1800, the town began growing at a steady pace. Tobacco warehouses were built; there were a couple of shops, small neighborhoods of homes and one church. It was during this time that that effort was put into supplying those in Lynchburg Virginia with fresh water from springs and wells.

Ever increasing, in 1805, Lynchburg went from being a settlement to an official town. Those living in Lynchburg Virginia are well aware that in 1806, former president Thomas Jefferson built a home just a bit west of Lynchburg. He named his estate, ”Poplar Forest” and it took several years to construct. Wanting to always keep this home preserved, efforts are always underway for reconstruction and preservation. Those visiting this area may take tours of the home. Residents and visitors may also tour the home that George Cabell built in the year 1815, “Point of Honor”.

This city has seen strange phenomenon, in the early 1800’s those living in this growing area endured an earthquake, an enormous meteor storm, a powerful hailstorm that was known for smashing every single window in the city and also a very rare aurora light display in the northern sky. This did not keep people from moving in, and the population continued growing.

Railroads, reservoirs, stores, streets, homes, taverns, churches and factories were built as the years went by. Now, for visitors in Lynchburg Virginia, they will find this city is fifty square miles large, and is a very active and thriving area. Located on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is a very popular place to visit or reside. The schools in Lynchburg Virginia are known for being outstanding, one of the best in the state. This city know has twelve parks, twenty-four playgrounds, eight community centers, thirty-four tennis courts and twenty-six baseball fields. People love to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains or on the famous Appalachian Trail. Smith Mountain Lake provides water fun, as it is one of the largest man-made lakes in the United States and people love to swim or boat there. In the winter, skiing are out and about at the Wintergreen Resort.

For anyone wishing to stay in Lynchburg Virginia, they will find a large assortment of Lynchburg VA hotels from which to choose. No matter the budget, there is an accommodation. From quaint and comfortable to elegant and luxurious, one will find a hotel that fits their needs. Once settled in, it is time to hit the town and enjoy all it has to offer.
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