Exploring Lassen Volcanic Park

Lassen Volcanic Park is one of the most exciting volcanic destinations not only in the United States but throughout the Ring of Fire: the ring of volcanoes that extends through Alaska, the western coast of North America to Hawaii and out across the pacific to the eastern Pacific islands and the east coast of Asia. Including the Lassen Peak Volcano, which is still active, Lassen Volcanic Park has some of the most diverse array of volcanic features on display anywhere in the world.
Lassen Volcanic Park lies amidst the beautiful and spectacular Lassen National Forest. Despite the beautiful ocean of greenery that abounds in Lassen National Forest, a look beneath the surface quickly displays the violent and eruptive volcanic past of the region. This forceful volcanic past is still readily on display in Lassen Volcanic Park. Its primary feature is of course the Lassen Peak Volcano, a still active volcano that last erupted in 1921.

Standing at some 10,500 feet Lassen Peak Volcano is the largest volcano of what is known as the “plug dome” variety. This gives the peak its rounded dome shape as molten lava cools around the surface of the volcano, effectively plugging itself shut. Although this is still an active volcano here in Lassen Volcanic Park it is still save to explore today. The region is carefully watched by seismologists who will be able to give plenty of warning at any sign of trouble.

Just about any type of volcanic feature you can imagine here in Lassen Volcanic Park. It is home to one of the most exciting and diverse arrays of volcanic features available anywhere on the planet! Volcanic craters adorn Lassen Peak. Evidence of trails of molten lava. Bubbling mudpots. Hissing fumaroles. All of these and more can be found within the confines of Lassen Volcanic National Park buried here in the heart of Lassen National Forest.

You will also find beautiful wilderness here even outside of the volcanoes and other volcanic features. Many gorgeous trees, plants, flowers and other greenery reside here in Lassen Volcanic Park. You will also be thrilled to find a wide variety of woodland creatures that call this place home. Many streams and rivers run through the parks making stays in this gorgeous park all the more extraordinary.

There are many hiking trails available for use in the park. In fact that are some 150 miles of worth of hiking trails to be found within the park! If you are looking for a trail that will take you through some of the most exciting volcanic areas you will definitely want to take the Bumpass Hell trail. About 3 miles long and taking about 3 hours, this trail takes you through the parks' largest thermal area. Boiling springs, steam vents and mudpots are all on display on this fascinating hike. Be very careful to stay only on the established trail here. Although the trail is safe if you stray the area can quickly become very dangerous.

If you are looking for a less eruptive time you might be interested in the Summit Lake to Echo & Twin Lakes trail. Found on the eastern side of Summit Lake, this enchanting trail takes you through some of the most beautiful lakes in the area. Emerald forests make their home here and you will also see plenty of gorgeous and spectacular flowers. 8 miles long the trail also makes a great location for overnight trips (assuming you have a wilderness permit).

Lassen Volcanic Park is one of the most extraordinary national parks within the United States. Housing one of only two active volcanoes in the continental United States it is definitely worth a look-see. Exciting volcanic features, beautiful forests and serene lakes are just the beginning of the natural wonder that you will find on display here at Lassen Volcanic National Park and Lassen National Forest.
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