Experience the delights of many a royal park in London

London has always been famous for its royal parks. Millions of visitors and residents of London visit these famous royal parks, which are impeccably maintained. Many a royal park in London give more than an insight into the city's rich cultural and historical heritage, with its buildings , statues and other memorabilia. A visit to London would be incomplete without a visit to these fabulous royal parks.
London is renowned for its royal parks. Every year millions of people visit London’s royal parks. Whether it is a simple walk or a family picnic or top quality live entertainment you can find the happening in the royal park of your choice in London.

London royal parks are spread across a sprawling area of more than 5,000 acres. They offer a unique combination of lush greenery and an insight into history with their statues, buildings and various memorials.
One of the most famous royal park in London is the Hyde Park, which has been in existence since 1536. The Serpentine lake in the park is a great place to go on boat rides or for a relaxing swim or two. The park also contains ‘Rotten Row’, the famous riding track that is lit up during nights. This royal park is also a good place for jogging, cycling, roller-skating and horse ridings.
Yet another of London’s famous royal parks is the St.James Park which borders the Buckingham Palace. One can savor great views of the Palace and Whitehall from the park. It is a must visit picnic spot for many tourists when in London.
Another never to be missed Royal Park, when in London is the Kensington gardens. This royal park has a regal air to it with its Italian fountain gardens and the Albert memorial. The park is also famous for its numerous other attractions including the Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, Memorial Walk, the Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Palace, the Round Pond and the Peter Pan statue.
Each one of the London royal parks is impeccably maintained. A good example is the Greenwich Park, which is in fact the oldest royal park in London. It has the famous Royal Observatory as a part of it. One can also soak in fabulous views of London from this royal park.
Another famous one of London royal parks is the Regent’s Park, a brain child of the famed architect, John Nash. The park has numerous attractions including a rose garden, a waterfowl collection, an open air theater and even a lake with islands. The park also houses the London Zoo.
Yet another frequented among London royal parks is the Green Park. It lies between Piccadilly and the Buckingham Palace. People flock to the park in large numbers, especially to soak up the sun and relax. Another very popular of London royal parks is the Richmond Park. This royal park offers visitors great views over the Thames River. You can find red and fallow deer in the park. A great way to explore the park would be to cycle around or go on a horse ride around the park. Golfing enthusiasts too flock to the park, with its two public golf courses.
The Bushy Royal Park is the second largest of the London royal parks and lies north of the Hamptom Court Palace. The park is home to many deer and its major attractions including the Chestnut Avenue and the Arethusa ‘Diana’ Fountain.
Summer times are perhaps the best time to visit any of the London royal parks. This is the time when there is plenty of live entertainment in the form of music and other events, on offer for visitors. From kids to adults, there is something on offer for the entire family throughout the summer.
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