Every Woman's Feminist Personal Beliefs

Women's rights movements and the rise of feminism arose from the aspects of inequality between males and females. For each feminist personal goals have been different dependent on which country a woman lives in; each of the world's countries have had their own rules of society and rules of government that have directly impacted the role in which women are seen and must live their lives.
Feminism and women’s rights began an all time high with the suffrage movement which highlights just one of the many inequalities that have been seen in the world’s history in the battle against the sexes. For a long time, only men had the right to vote and women saw this as a major inequity. Women, although not always known for working outside the home, saw themselves as equals: many will debate that working inside the home demands just as much work as leaving the home to make a paycheck.

Feminist personal issues were at another all time high during World War II. It was at this time in that the majority of men who worked were sent overseas. Factories were barren, stores had no one to run them and the women jumped in. Women who were once housewives broke from the stereotype of what a woman’s job was supposed to be. In a swarm, females took over those jobs that were once held by men and the factories were able to maintain a mounting manufacturing. Soon, stores were once again stocked and women were also able to fund their budgets while they waited for their husbands to return.

Although equality in the work place has always been a strong subject in women’s rights movements, feminist personal issues have always been at play as well. The list of issues that can affect a woman and her place in the world today can range from hate speech towards lesbians to the forced circumcision of females in mostly Middle East countries. Many feminists groups have be formed over the years; many to focus on one particular area of concern.

The reason that women join a certain group can be very feminist personal related. For example, a woman who suffered scorn of her chosen sexual orientation may choose to join a group that focus on equality among gay and lesbian population. Alternatively, some women are outraged over the mistreatment of women in third world countries and they will focus their energy on bringing awareness to the feminist personal issues that the women in those countries must face.

Once feminism began, the world saw extreme feminists; these women would even turn to violence if they thought that it would cause awareness. Other feminists found a more peaceful approach such as awareness through music. Women’s music became its own genre as women moved into this media field that was once run strictly by men.

While each women must face their own feminism personal thoughts as to how women are treated and what should be done; most will not argue the fact that the world still has quite a way to go before all women are treated as equals to men. While much has changed in the United States, it is usually the norm for men to be paid a higher salary than a woman who does the exact same job. In addition, women in third world countries must live with the fear of rape, oppression and even murder if found guilty of adultery.

Many argue that feminists will reach a great marking point when the United States elects a female president; only time can tell. All women will have a feminist personal opinion and it is up to each and every individual to decide to speak up and help those who cannot help themselves.
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