Everything's Bigger In Dallas, Texas

There's a real estate paradise brewing in the American South. Economic housing is available everyone from Atlanta to Houston.Everything's bigger in Texas. In Dallas, Texas, the real estate market for buyers and sellers is in full bloom. For families, the outstanding local school system in Dallas Fort Worth in designed to challenge students from cradle to cap and gown. Dallas is known for it's advanced banking and computer technologies.
Warm weather, hospitable neighbors and a local Sonic drive-in restaurant aren't far away with an investment in Dallas real estate, and there's always lots of Dallas Cowboys merchandise hanging around. After all, the team is a hometown favorite, no matter how long it takes them to bag the first win of the season.

Great Location For Company Headquarters

The Dallas Fort Worth Area is always waiting with open arms to welcome new large businesses and become the new headquarters location for established businesses. Many businesses have made the Dallas, Texas community their new home, due in large part to Dallas' geography which sports year around "working" conditions.

Texas Instruments, famoust for their graphing calculators, and Collins Radio Company are now located just outside of Dallas. The J.P Morgan Chase and the BankOne Center are also located here.

Real Estate Buying and Selling in Dallas

The third-largest city in Texas is right in the middle of "urban renewal." For twenty years following the building boom of the 1970's and 1980's, construction stood at a standstill in Dallas. No new buildings, offices or home went up near the downtown freeway loop between 1985-2005.

In the past year, tons of high rise buildings, residential communities and residential revivals have taken place. Dallas is one of the U.S cities that has made a habit of tearing down and rebuilding. The post World War II baby boom resulted in a lot of homes going up in the Dallas suburbs. Now, those homes are being sold for less than $250,000.

Developers are tearing down the post-war homes, in addition to old factories, businesses and old buildings, replacing them with state of the art multi-million dollar dwellings, mostly lofts. Take the D.P & L Apartment complex, for example. D.P & L, just off Commerce Street, is the former home of the the old Dallas Power and Light Company. Main Street's The Davis Building features large windows, traditionally high loft ceilings, and the opportunity to live in a nationally recognized historic site. The Davis Building went up in 1926 as the Republic Bank.

According to the National Association of Relators prices a new home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at around $147,600. In fact, a one bedroom 991 square foot Dallas area condominium generally retails at $149,500. Loft prices in Dallas vary. Some lofts are more expensive, some are cheaper; most fall in the $113,000-$499,000 price range. Placing the real estate costs in Dallas well below the national average.

Your Guide To The Dallas Fort Worth Area

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex consists of several counties, including: Collin County, Tarrant County, Rockwall County, and Dallas and Denton counties, amongst others. Each county contains it's on principal cities. Regardless of your real estate needs, there's a place for you in the Dallas area.

Dallas: The city of Dallas is a metro community with small town prices. There's never a dull moment in this Southern city, there are approximately twenty local museums, abudant eateries and shopping facilities. All sports fans will stand in acclaim over Dallas, this is a athletic city, the NFL's Cowboys, the NBA's Mavericks, major league baseball's Rangers and the hockey Stars all call Dallas home. And so can you. Dallas offers plenty of opportunities for job hunting and state of the art affordable living. The average home is Dallas is priced at $ 183,000.

Carrollton, Texas: Carrollton, Texas is located in Dallas County. It is full functioning residential community with a strong business district. The new and pre-owned homes are close to the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport. Styles and prices ranges are offered in variety here, although the average home sells for $157,967.

Highland Village, Texas: Highland Village is located in Denton County of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Highland Village would make a wonderful place for a couple, family or individual just starting out, because this community is doing a bit of starting out itself. Recreation and water sports are popular here in Highland Village, thanks to nearby Lake Lewisville.

There's even an annual hot air balloon race here. Every Spring, the air lights up with the rainbow colors of cherry-shaped balloons. Homes average at $175, 400 in this Dallas community.

Addison, Texas: Located in Dallas County, Addison is the Lonestar State's own Tribeca. Addison's population of 15,000 makes it reminiscent of a small town with the posh European style of a big city. Sidewalk cafes are popular on Addison's tree-lined streets. Upscale housing and premium shopping outlets make Addison worth every dime of the $282,000 asking price on most local homes.

Grapevine, Texas: Looking for a little country living? Grapevine, located in the heart of Tarrant County, is just outside of the city. Lake Grapevine keeps the residents grounded, but there's plenty of work to be done by way of the local wineries and the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport. All of which offers jobs to local residents.

Main Street in Grapevine is epic. There are lots of small restaurants and shops. Grapes are a local celebrity here, wine too. Every September, the town plays host to Grapefest. The event creates a current of tourists, and that's always welcolmed. Why visit when you can live here all year. The average apartment rents for $718 per month, or purchase a home of your own for the average $193,000.

There's never a dull moment in Dallas. The huge Texas State Fair as well as Juneteenth Celebrations are big sources of community involvement in one of the Lonestar State' biggest little treasures.
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