Episode II Of Star Wars by George Lucas

Loving the Star Wars movies is something that all George Lucas fans are known for, however, over the past few years we have seen a lot of newer Star Wars movies come out, and some people like them, others do not. Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones was a pretty good movie as far as Star Wars films go. Of course, out of all the newer Star Wars films Episode II got the worst reviews. Also, it made the least amount of money out of the other two that were made about the same time. I think there are a lot of different reasons why people did not like this movie, but I think the main reason was that it did not feel like a Star Wars film.
Over the course of my life I have seen a lot of Star Wars movies come out, and although the new ones that just came out are great, they are not as good as the first ones, if you ask me. I think this is why Star Wars Episode II did not get as good reviews, or as good sales as some of the other movies. Out of all the new Star Wars films coming out this is the only one that did not really matter that much. If you think about it everyone wanted to see Episode I because it was the first time a Star Wars movie has come out in a long time. Not only that, the other Star Wars films started with Episode IV, so now we finally get to see what lead up to it. Then in Episode III, we got to see how the sets of movies came together. This was a big deal because now you got to see how the new three movies linked with the old three movies. However, Star Wars Episode II was just like a filler movie, it was great to get the whole story, but it was the only one that many people did not care to see as much. Star Wars Episode II, however, was the first movie ever to be shot in all high definition. The critics said that Star Wars Episode II was not up to par with the other Star Wars movies and was a big let down. Also, I think that it is worth pointing out that this is the first Star Wars movie ever (even out of the old three that came out) to be internationally out grossed by other films that came out in the same year. In fact, this one was out grossed by a lot of other movies including Spider Man, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and, of course, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Even with some of the bad reviews a lot of people still liked Star Wars Episode II. In fact, people say that if you do not watch Star Wars Episode II the third movie well not make sense. Now, I cannot confirm that statement, but I can see how it would stand to reason. In this movie you can see that the whole galaxy is coming ever closer to civil war. In this movie thousands of different solar systems are threatening to secede from the Galactic Republic. In this film, you get to see the Clone Wars which is a really cool idea, however, I do feel like this Star Wars movie really lacked a high point. Sure there was a lot of cool things that happen, but I am not sure if you can call any one spot a high point. Of course, there were also a few characters in the movie that got on the bad side of some of the people watching the film. If you have ever watched Star Wars Episode II you know who I am talking about. This character was know as Jar Jar Binks, and the things that he did in the movie and things he said killed a lot of the fun in the movie for me. Although some people found him funny (because that is what he was suppose to be) I could not stand watching him. I would rather dig my eyes out of my head with a rusty spoon than to ever listen to Jar Jar Binks talk again.

Overall this movie was not bad, but out of all the new movies, Star Wars Episode II was the worst one. Some say comparing it to the other movies that came out around that time is not fair because it was up against some strong movies that came out the same year. However, this remains true for the other Star Wars movies, and they all outsold the other movies. Star Wars Episode II is my least favorite out of all the movies in the Star Wars saga. After you see it you will know what I mean.
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