Dress Party Themes and Costume Ideas

Tired of an endless series of boring, typical parties with friends and family? A dress party can add a whole new aspect of fun and frolic to your normally average and mundane gathering. Better yet, a themed dress party is often as fun to plan, as it is to actually attend. A few theme ideas and tips can have you well on your way to throwing your first successful dress party today.

Planning a party? Trying to think of something a bit different to spice things up this round? Why not throw a dress party for your next get together? A dress party, more commonly known as a costume party, gives guests a unique way to express their own personality, and can be a great time for all. Party costume ideas are often as varied as the guest list, with a few surprises almost always thrown in.  Depending on the theme you choose for your dress party, if any, your results will almost always provide attendees with funny stories and anecdotes that will be remembered for years to come. In choosing a particular motif, make sure there will be enough options within your topic for each of your guests to easily decide on a theme party costume. No one wants to be the only dress party attendee without a proper outfit, or worse yet, the second person to show up attired in exactly the same costume!

The most popular dress party ideas are often related to three major themes.  Sports, seasons, or time periods. These dress party themes give guests a large gamut of options to choose from in selecting their party costume ideas. A sports dress party for instance, gives guests the choice to decide on party costume ideas related to actual sports stars, sports announcers, or even officials. Food choices may be similar to those you would find at a tailgate party. Seasonal theme parties generally succeed, well provided they coordinate with the actual season at that time of year. 

Ninety-degree heat in the middle of summer does not generally go well with a costume involving full snow ski gear. Food choices are also fairly easy, with warmer heartier choices appropriate for the colder months, and lighter fare well matched to the warmer times of year. Time period themes are extremely popular, and though they may require a little bit more research for authenticity on the front end, the theme party costume results your guests will come up and prove to be extraordinary and often very beautiful. A time period dress party theme also gives the organizer a chance to research foods popular to a specific decade, as well as the customary dress and decorative traditions. Generally speaking, the more authentic you can make your dress party to be, the more enjoyable it will appear.

To begin, make a list of some of your own favorite theme party costume ideas.  Make the list as long and varied as possible. Going back over the full list, mark your top five to ten selections, making sure all of those can easily be associated with a broad theme or motif. Determine exactly what kind of money you are willing to spend on your dress party theme overall and narrow your list further based on that estimate. Finally, research authentic food and decoration ideas for your remaining themes, and delete any ideas that may involve an intense amount of work in preparation. 

No sense in exhausting yourself with the planning and preparation, then not having enough energy to enjoy the party itself! And last but not least, answer the door, let in your guests, and have a blast!

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