Do Something Fun, Throw A Monopoly Party

Almost everyone is aware of one of the most popular board games ever: Monopoly. While we all enjoy this game, there are ways to make it ever more fun and interesting. Because this game is famous for not only being fun, it is also known for taking a long, long time to complete it; throwing a Monopoly party can be wildly entertaining. You can actually center an entire evening around this event and with our excellent guidelines, you're friends will love you for providing a night that is different and unusual.
Just about everyone has been playing Monopoly since they were a child. It is one of those classic board games that we all love; and we all want to win! As it usually takes several hours to complete and finally have a winner, throwing a Monopoly party can be a great new way to entertain friends or family. Not a lot of people understand that this simple board game can be turned into a Monopoly party that will never be forgotten.

The first thing to do is round up the players for you funny Monopoly playing party. This game is most enjoyable with four to six players. Make a list of who you think would most enjoy a night of an unusual board game party and make the calls. If you really want to start things off with a bang, you can send out formal invitations. The main focus of the game is to amass as much property and money as you can. Keeping this in mind, the best way to jumpstart the party plan is to tell attendees that they must dress in attire that goes along with the game. Since the aim in Monopoly is basically to become rich, the guests should all dress up to appear wealthy and rich. Women can wear dresses and boas, with loads of jewelry (even if it is not genuine). Men can wear suits, ties and big hats, as if they were members of a cigar club.

You can even decorate for the Monopoly party by hanging balloons in the room that will be used. In addition, there are lots of stores such as party supply stores and toy stores that sell fake money. You can string up the money in the place of streamers. It adds a great festive feel.

You should set up a comfortable table; if you add a nice fabric tablecloth it will add to the feel of everyone pretending to be rich. Drinks can be served in champagne glasses, the beverages do not need to actually be champagne; for this is a night of pretending and game playing; as long as they are served as such it will add to the role-playing of being among the rich and famous.

Food should most definitely be served, as this game takes such a long time to complete. No matter what you budget, you can serve food to appear to be expensive and go along with the theme. Food should be served in bite size portions. Many rich people dine on cucumber sandwiches; you can create regular sandwiches and then slice them diagonally to appear to be fancy. Make sure to serve all food on round trays, preferably with paper doilies on them.

Cigars can be passed around, if no one objects to the smoke. In addition, to go along with the theme, try to have appropriate music in the background. What does one think of when the think of rich and affluent men and women quickly buying up properties and wheeling and dealing with money? Music from the 1940’s, of course, is the answer. Swing music will be perfect.

As you and your friends or family sit around the table, all dressed in fine clothing, with money hanging around the room, eating bite-sized sandwiches, drinking from champagne glasses and enjoy swing music, the Monopoly party will be well under way. In certainly, they will be looking forward to the next party. You can even make it a monthly or annual tradition.
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