Discovering Six Flags Great White Water Park

Six Flags is a household name, most famous for its thrilling and death-defying roller coasters. Joining the popularity of other enormous amusement parts, Six Flags great new addition is the White Water Park that will astound people with its amazing assortment of water fun. Located in Atlanta, GA, when the temperature is rising, Six Flags great new water park will be calling.
The Six Flags empire has long been known for being a top contender for amusement park rides. With roller coasters such as Superman, Batman and the Mind Eraser, Six Flags is high among the elite amusement parks. Just about everyone is familiar with the jingle and old man dancing on our television screens, enticing all to come and have fun. Not many need a lot of enticing, as the park is so large, so full of fun and offers rides for every age level, it is a vacation destination for millions.

For its location in Atlanta Georgia, one of the reasons that make Six Flags great is its White Water Park. On a hot and sunny day, there is almost no better place to be. The Six Flags new water park can bring an entire day of fun.

When planning to go, it is very wise to bring a lot of sunscreen. Even on days that are cloudy, the sometimes intense Georgia sun can quickly burn. Applying sunscreen before going and then in intervals of one or two hours, will ensure that no one receives sunburn. When first entering Six Flags great water park, it is best to head straight to get a locker. There are enough lockers for all guests and this will be your area to keep all necessities such as your sunscreen, towels, pocketbooks, wallets and keys. This can also be your designated meeting area, should family members split up and need a place to meet when it is lunch time or time to leave.

Six Flags great water park offers fun and thrilling fun for people of all ages. For those children who have not yet learned to be good swimmers, vests are available. For children, there is a great water area called Captain Kid’s Cove where they can play all day. It has over one hundred play features and is offered to children twelve and under.

When it comes to slides, Six Flags great park offers more than one could imagine. The Bermuda Triangle, Black River Falls, Dragon’s Tail, Gulf Coast Screamer, Lily Pad Crossing, Lizard’s Tail, Little Squirt’s Island, Mutiny Shoot, Run-A-Way River, The Atlantic Ocean, The Cliffhanger, The Rapids and Little Hooch River are just a few!

Slides are offered in a wide variety of thrills. Some will be slow, calm and relaxing such at the Little Hooch River, Lily Pad Crossing and the Famous Bahamas Bob-Slide. For those who wish to almost lose their bathing suits, they may wish to try the Dragon’s Tail and The Cliffhanger.
Slides will also vary in how you actually go down them. For some slides, all you need is your body, as the water will send you flying. Other rides will offer tubes or rafts on which you will sit to go down the slide. No to worry, a person will still get soaked.

The park offers many resting areas in the shade and plenty of food and drinks. While some families will decide to bring lunch, it can certainly add to the feeling of a real vacation day if you choose to purchase food at the Six Flags great water park. The menu is endless, as you can munch on ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, chicken, salads and more.

The most important aspect is to treasure every moment spent at Six Flags great park, as it will be one of the finest days ever spent.
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