Developing Your Renaissance Bridal Theme

If you love the gowns and lore of the renaissance, bridal themes are not far behind. Are you ready to have a radically different kind of wedding? Are you ready to be the envy of your friends, and to have the kind of wedding that stands out from the crowd and will be the most memorable event of your entire life? If you are ready, read on and be amazed at how easy it really is!
The renaissance is considered to be an epochal historical time frame that is usually defined as following the Middle Ages yet ending before the Reformation officially took hold, which was right about the 16th century. Perhaps it is the explosion of fantastic art that tantalizes the imagination of so many who simply adore this time period. Maybe its popularity can be chalked up to the leaps and bounds with which academics prospered, or maybe it is simply the imagined feel that must have been in the air while all these transformations of the general psyche were going on. Whatever the case may be, the renaissance period is considered by many to be a time of enviable simplicity of life which, when coupled with its elegance, makes it the perfect time period for anyone who ever wished to live during a different period of time. It is not surprising therefore that all over the country renaissance fairs have sprung up.

These outdoor festivals give you the opportunity to spend a day in a decidedly period costume, eating foods you might imagine people eating during the renaissance period, and even taking part in games and entertainments that may have occurred during that time period. Yet more and more brides also take these opportunities to explore renaissance bridal themes. Sometimes these brides are looking for wedding dresses that are inspired by many of the costumes for sale at these fairs, while other times those who are more inclined to create their own dress will want to get ideas and maybe even materials suitable for an authentic wedding dress.

Yet who are these brides who no longer care for the dresses they can purchase off the racks at the local bridal shop? Quite frequently they are the ones who want to have a once in a lifetime ceremony that simply cannot be had anyplace else in a manner that is highly individualized. Dresses are frequently made of lavish silks with beautifully colored robes being worn over them. Similarly, embroidery plays a huge role in those who favor a renaissance bridal theme.

The renaissance bridal theme would not be complete if the food offerings were not up to par as well. The typical sit down meal at the hotel or restaurant of your choice will not do to take the renaissance bridal theme to its intended height. Instead, special care is taken by the bride or her hired consultant that the guests will receive venison, fish, and a variety of other foods that may be eaten with fingers rather than utensils.

Of course, the proper renaissance bridal theme begins with the themed renaissance wedding invitations. It would not do to simply send out generic invites only then to have the guests be surprised by the feel of the ceremony. Instead, there are several renaissance wedding invitations available that may be customized by a printer or by the bride herself, if she is handy with a quill and some ink. What a wonderful way to have an amazing wedding celebration that will not only highlight your unique tastes, but also awe your guests by the richness of the sights and sounds!
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