Dating to the Tune of an Escondido Personal Ad

Because Escondido is the city that houses the California Center for the Arts, dating couples in this city have at least one great destination for a couple's first date. Sometimes a young man who has skillfully written an Escondido personal ad can learn ahead of time what type of music his date likes. Then he can buy her tickets to the most appropriate performance.

Are you a young single male living in San Diego County? Are you thinking about using a personal ad to get a date? If you hesitate to write such an ad, you might want to look at a sample ad, an Escondido personal ad.

According to the Website, one young man from Escondido recently submitted this ad: "What should I say to make you want to meet me? Should I tell you what every other guy is saying on here that I am honest, caring, compassionate and loyal?  How would you know if that is true or not?" This type of ad reveals much about the man who wrote this Escondido personal ad, but it does not provide a good tool for learning about the woman who might respond to such an ad.

A good Escondido personal ad might help a young man to learn about the musical interests of his future date. Suppose for example that the respondent to the ad professes to be a strong Christian. Then the young man might want to take her to hear some religious music at the Escondido Center for the Arts. If the date will take place before Christmas then the dating couple could possible catch the holiday music performed by the Westwind Brass. 

If the Escondido personal ad will not appear in the paper until after Christmas, then the young man might look for a respondent with an interest in jazz. While dating a jazz enthusiast, a young man could confidently take her to the Center program on January 7, 2006. This is going to be a performance by The Kingdom of Swing Big Band. The Band will fill the concert hall with the same tunes played by Benny Goodman's band in 1938, when it performed at Carnegie Hall.

Perhaps the young man will discover that the respondent to his ad prefers silence to music. If that is the case, then he might consider having the two of them visit the Deer Park Monastery. The Monastery is also a good place to look for Escondido singles, especially singles who are studying religion at the University of California, San Diego.

Three local schools where a young man might look for Escondido singles are Cathedral Bible College, Westminster Theological Seminary and World Bible College. Someone from one of those schools might answer a young man's Escondido personal ad. Of course the respondent might likewise be a girl who loves sports.

If a young man in Escondido finds himself dating a sports lover, then he might want to take her to the Iceoplex. This facility has 2 Olympic-size pools. It also offers the rental of 800 different pairs of Hockey and figure skates. And if such a date creates a pair of empty stomachs, then the dating could continue at the Little Caesar's restaurant, a restaurant found at the Iceoplex.

Escondido also provides the setting for the Patio Playhouse. This is another spot where a young man might choose to take the respondent of his Escondido personal ad. A well written ad should help a young man to learn before the time of the date which of the above dating spots might be the best fit for the woman who responded to the printed ad. Any of those spots could be a suitable site for a demonstration of the young man's most admirable qualities.

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