Cycle - Use it Safely

There have been serious debates over the use of cycle for ages. Whether they are in true sense beneficiary or as a whole casts a negative effect on the human physique, there is great difference of opinions among various schools of thought. But it will be wrong to say that owing to the introduction of seveal devices cycle has ceased to attract the people. On the contrary it can be said that from the rugged rural fields of the South east Asia to the Tour De France the influence of cycle is excessive. But are you influenced by the last show of the Tour De France for which you have suddenly pulled out the cycle out of the garage and feeling some fresh air!
Do you know that the Tour De France happens to be the world's best-known cycle race and a 22-day, 20-stage road race that is usually run over more than 3000 km? In addition being influenced by the gallance of the race many youngsters think it wie to learn cycling! You may enuire about the cogency of this convition. But its is true that the number of participants is increasing every year by leaps and bounds resulting also into the elevation of more fitness and health conscious folk dusting off their cycles and hitting the streets. But for the ignorant, enthusiasm remains the only weapon to move forward to any adventure, completely forgetting of the precautionary measures that are of vital importance. So, what is needed? To begin with, there is the need of a detailed checking of the cycle, before you are leaving the home. All the indispensable parts like brakes, gear changes, seat heights and also the bell should be checked. It should also be noticed whether the gears, chains and cogs are not sprayed with products that cause sand and grit to stick to them. Over the time this will bring about a break down of the moving parts. Now if you are not going to pay any attention to these, it's up to you but a puncture kit for cycle for your journey is a must. Now, be aware that you are never detached from the others and if possible ride with the others. What is your motivation? First decide that. If fitness remains the motivation, this in general helps to keep you accountable again may be you are a senior cyclist and therefore is quite proficient with the cycle. Being a senior performer to excel in competitions happens to be your main driving force, and hence a buddy of comparative standard will help push you to the next level. But if mere participation or fun is the high priority, then along with others you will greatly enjoy the surrounding environment. At this juncture there should also be the question of safety. At many times it happen that a companion saves your life. So there is a need to maintain proximity with others but if you prefer to ride on your own then always let others know the route. Again before moving out, chalk a plan in full details. Be crystal clear about the approximate length of the ride and also the terrain. Make it a point to note whether the route is at all safe to move with the cycle, if a certain portion is below the standard, try to denote it clearly. Treacherous stretches of road may look inviting but is it worth the risk? When traveling by car take note of the roads and routes that would make for an ideal path of pleasurable pedaling. When riding, decide ahead of time that patience will be your conductor.

There is also a great need to pay equal attention to the notion of taking proper care of your own physique. Be always conscious of the physical provisions. At best keep it in mind to have a good storage of water so that you can use it regularly. Again, hydration needs to be a constant process with the intention of getting the most out of your exercise. If you are an avid rider go for an amino based drink. Also keep Bananas, other fruit and energy boosters with you, in due course these will provide you to keep the physical well being. Lastly, there is peculiar habit of donning the helmet and pedaling along with the wind on the face. Never do that, it is really dangerous!
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